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A Mother’s Remembrance

Anna Marie Wilson was born January 3, 1997…five weeks early. She had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. As a child she was shy and observant, preferring to listen and watch before participating. She wanted to do it right the first time.

In preschool she had her first boyfriend. Both amazed by this world around them, the two little archeologists could be found every recess digging for pill bugs in the school yard.

At age 7, Anna presented her Mom with an envelope and on it was written “Anna’s hair when she was 7”. It was clear that organized, thoughtful Anna wasn’t going to wait for her Mom to get important things done in life.

Anna matured during elementary school. She went from a love of Teletubies and Barney to an obsession with Sponge Bob. This little yellow cartoon sponge had the same happy, innocent outlook on life and love for his fellow sea mates as Anna Banana. When you look at Anna’s radiant smile, there’s a little bit of Sponge Bob there.

As Anna moved through elementary and high school, her love for music emerged. Having inherited the Mead voice, she play instruments. Music gave her many dear friends.

Westridge helped shape her into a strong woman. She knew how fortunate she was to be in an environment where her mind could blossom and her heart could be touched by a community of sisters.

Anna volunteered throughout her life. In the last year, she spent time each week at Standup for Kids. Charity and loving kindness gave her peace.

As her friends know, blond haired, green eyed Anna was a Latina. She loved the culture, the sense of community and respect for family. She spent time in Costa Rica, Spain, The Dominican Republic, and Mexico traveling, studying and making friends. Part of her heart lived across the border, in fact, for Anna there was no border.

In college, Anna drank in the world. She studied intensely, ready to graduate in three years with a degree in Chemistry. She celebrated life with the same intensity.

In recent weeks, Anna was accepted to the Peace Corps and excited about spending the next two years getting to know more souls in Tanzania. The world was a small, connected community for Anna.

As some of you may know, Anna was a list maker, and her lists didn’t only contain tasks, they included reminders of joy, peace and love. I’ve attempted to create an Anna Banana list for you today:

  • Attend Anna’s service
  • Cry for the sorrow life brings
  • Hold the hand of someone you love
  • Remember Anna with laugher
  • Vaya con Dios.

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