All I Can Say Is… – Kris Kil

there are so many times throughout my Westridge career when I can confidently say, it wouldn’t have been the same without you, Anna. from the iconic dance to Don’t drop that dun dun dun LOL to the goofy picture that goes viral on Facebook every year and just the most memorable experiences in Chamber Orchestra.

I have never met someone who takes advantage of every single day and every breath to the fullest, working your hardest, and bringing joy to those around you. I’ve always admired how fearless and courageous you were, and how unafraid you were to take chances on things you’ve never done before.

I don’t know what to say or how to say it… I’m not sure if it has really even hit me yet, but all I can say is I miss you… I thought we had more time, so I get mad, but I remind myself that we should celebrate your life and all the beauty you’ve brought to every single person that had the honor of knowing you. just because you’re not here doesn’t mean that you’re really gone, you still live in our memories and our hearts. the love doesn’t die.

see you soon, girlie. i love you.

Kris Kil Via Facebook

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