“Because That is Just Who She Was” – David Dalton

My beautiful cousin Anna Wilson was taken from us in a tragic auto accident down in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. She is the young girl (along with her brother Zen) in my profile picture from a family camping trip in 2010. The picture on this post is from about 6 weeks ago. She was a straight “A” student at UCSD, about to graduate in 3 years with a major in chemistry. Anna volunteered at a homeless shelter once a week because that is just who she was – and she never bragged about it. She had just been accepted to the Peace Corps, going to Tanzania for 2 years on a water purification project. So much accomplished, so much more to accomplish! For our family, this is and always will be a huge hole in our hearts. Anna’s smile, her kind soul, the way she got along with everyone is missed by all whose lives she touched. It was my privilege to have known her. Such a great person. She is missed every day….

David Dalton Via Facebook

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