College Graduation

Hi Anna,

We are so proud of you and Mandy’s achievements and what you accomplished in your short 21 years. It’s great that UCSD is honoring you both with the posthumous degrees. Kathy and I will be at Warren Mall at the bottom of the snake path at 5pm this Friday June 8. Perhaps others can join us to help celebrate you and Mandy. I think James, Tess and Kafele will share some words. I’m hoping Kathy will play a song on her ukulele. Perhaps others will speak or sing too. Maybe we’ll just get curious onlookers taking a break from studying!. Anyway, we’ll have big pics of you and Mandy, some balloons and flowers. I promise no tubas!

Next we will go to Chula Vista to hear Emanuel play at The Gentle Penguin, 289 3rd Ave, Chula Vista. His band starts at 7:30pm. He is looking forward to meeting with us.

Then early on Saturday June 9th in the morning we plan to go the beach at La Jolla where you loved to surf, and take your ashes and flowers to spread amongst the waves you so loved. Emanuel said he’d join us. Hopefully others will too. I’m hoping someone knows your favorite spot and will tell me by texting or emailing or FBing me. LOL. Otherwise, I’ll let the seals and whales guide us.

Mucho Amor Mi Hija

Your dad, Kevin

Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

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