Forever Grateful

Dear Professors Toor, Rinehart, Galperin, Muendler, Lamey, Su, Johnson, Komives, and Schneider,

My name is Kevin Wilson, and I’m the father of Anna Wilson. You likely know that Anna was your student this academic year, and that she tragically passed away in a freak car accident in Mexico over spring break.  You can read my initial story of her passage here:

Each of you share something that is unfortunate, and on March 28th, I joined a club that is without doubt the worst club ever.  It’s a tough journey indeed. And I would be remiss if I didn’t express gratitude for the grace I have found over the last 2 ½ months — including UCSD’s decision to award posthumous degrees to Anna and a best friend, Amanda Korbas (who also passed in the accident).  I am grateful to Kafele Khalfani, Dean of Students for Warren College for providing me your email addresses. Many know that I’m on a search for answers to why, and I think that search has led me to write this email.

I don’t really have a specific question to ask you.  I do know that each of you touched Anna in special ways that likely you are not aware.  I know many of your classes had large enrollments, and Anna prided herself in being somewhat anonymous while trying her best amidst the sea of students. It would not surprise me if you do not remember her distinctly, or perhaps just her face might ring a bell.

With no expectations or pressure, I would welcome any comments or observations about Anna or your classes.  I know in past years she struggled with labs but was particularly fond of her most recent lab class (is that Chem109?), and especially loved the way she “jelled” with her lab partner (with whom I haven’t been able to find unfortunately). I enjoyed reading a draft of her Soc127 final paper which we found in her car. I sense she liked econ more after Econ102, and I still wonder about her sanity for taking so much chemistry in those last two quarters especially with such bright competitive science students surrounding her.  In the end, she seemed to end up just fine and I’ll just have to remain mystified at the meaning of the chemical model diagram on her laptop.

Please accept my gratitude for your service and your teachings.  I’m proud that Anna chose to be at UCSD, and I’m proud of what she learned and who she became largely because of her professors and fellow students.

If you participate in commencement this week, I hope you send a prayer or warm thought out to Anna and Amanda as their names are called.

Vaya con dios.

Kevin Wilson, Anna’s dad.

Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

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