Go With The Current

  I was able to go to Anna’s memorial service and plaque dedication at Westridge, and I so appreciated being allowed to help scatter Anna’s ashes all around the world, in beautiful places that she would have loved. I shared everything that was said and everything you gave me and at the memorial with Madeleine Russell, since we were at Middlebury together until this past month. 

  Over our spring break this year, we went to St. George Island, Florida, and we scattered the ashes at sunset in the Gulf of Mexico. We lit a candle. (We used up every single match in the little box—the wind kept snuffing them out. We laughed and cried thinking about how Anna would have laughed at us.) We talked about Anna, remembered her, and then waded into the water to spread her ashes. We said a prayer, lowered the ashes into the water in our hands to let them go with the current, and right when we were finished, we got hit by a huge wave. It completely soaked us. We really felt Anna with us in that moment, enjoying the beauty of the sea and the sky and being playful with us. Madeleine took these pictures right afterwards. It was so good for the two of us to remember Anna together. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for including both of us in your remembrance of Anna.

Peace, Love, and Pure Vida,

Lucy and Madeleine

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