Eternal Somethingness of Your Legacy – Nick

21 years in this specific reality together but an eternity of bliss you have bestowed upon me – iteration after iteration, karmic cycle after karmic cycle, nothingness to somethingness and back to nothingness, only to have me wondering what the next version of your somethingness will be…your rapturous, inimitable, beatific essence towards life, inspired us all. I will keep this short because I will be speaking about you at greater length, very soon, as I plan to enlighten everyone who didn’t already know about your HUMANITY. Your sheer benevolence is unmatched. I’ve never met another human with such integrity and love for the entire species. You undoubtedly live on in some capacity because energy cannot be destroyed. You are in all of our consciousnesses as you are most likely experiencing all this from some other dimension or alternate plane. I’m posting this on your wall, Anna Banana, because I want your friends to see what I think is one eloquent, yet completely insufficient, way of measuring/describing our relationship.

Attached is a video we used to watch all the time. It’s about the Knowingness of Nothing…The experience of understanding that we are all spawn from NO THING – which can be interpreted as NOT ONE THING but we are all spawn from ONE THING, we are all the same thing happening at once, only in the here & now, but in many different versions. Right now, about 7 billion different versions! Through this Knowingness of Nothing, comes a great deal of joy AND the greatest manifestation of joy, laughter. This laughter comes from knowing that everything is going to be alright because you are always in the here & now and this EGO we have doesn’t really exist at all! It’s just the concept that thinks it’s in charge while the really essence is just BEING. You were a lightness I’ve never felt before. You are luminous Banana. You are my sister and will forever be my sister. I love you and will always love you, because I am you and you are me.

Love, your BROTHER.

Nicholas Goldreich Via Facebook

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