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A Wonderful Ceremony – Douglas Ho

Wonderful ceremony. I made a donation in Anna’s memory. Love you. Doug and Lyta

Douglas Ho Via Mountain View

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Finding the Strength – Fru Michalchik

Dear Kevin,
No words can express my sorrows at this time. My thoughts and love are with you, I hope you can get some strength and comfort from Anna’s and your friends.
We all search for a meaning in life, especially at a tragic situation like this. Maybe the only answer is love. We will never forget Anna.

Fru Michalchik Via Mountain View

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Siempre te recordarte – Marion Gabriela Gallegos Aguilar

Haberte conocido, saber de tu espíritu joven y lleno de ganas de conocer y comerte el mundo con la cuchara grande fue un placer, estuviste en Puerto un poco más de lo convencional para los estudiantes, me sorprendió lo bien q dominabas el español, siempre tuve la ilusión de un día contactarte y decirte: hey voy a LA nos vemos allá! Saber que eso ya no será posible me parte el alma, haber leído lo trágico q fue tu partida no es más que un nudo, siempre te recordaré, en cada café que compre en el oxxo de vainilla, en cada visita a Puerto recordaré q ahí nos hicimos amigas, te voy a extrañar, espero mi mensaje llegue hasta el cielo en donde estoy segura surfeas y tomas el sol 🙂 i’ll miss u , tu amiga mexicana Marion Gabriela Gallegos Aguilar.

Marion Gabriela Gallegos Aguilar Via Facebook

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#6 – Holly

Miss you, Anna! Or as Charline would have said: #6.

Honoring your memory: Stand Up For Kids

Holly Muenchow Via Facebook

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“I should live a little more, like this awesome girl I met in Mexico does.” – Kirsti Jennae

Dear Anna,

It’s hard to make a lasting impression on people, especially when you haven’t had much time to get to know them. It may sound odd to say I thought of you often; someone I had only known for a short period of time while we were both in Oaxaca Mexico with CFHI. We followed each other on social media and it felt like you were always posting a new adventure, and with every post I thought “I should live a little more, like this awesome girl I met in Mexico does.” One night, when we were out to dinner, you said to me that even though we just met, even if we don’t communicate again for years, if I ever found myself in Southern California to hit you up and I would always be welcome to stay over with you. You were one of the coolest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I envisioned one day contacting you when I visited California – even if you totally didn’t remember who I was. When I found out about your passing I felt a denial that I wouldn’t run into you again one day or see anymore of your adventures on instagram. My heart goes out to your family and friends who truly we able to have you in their lives. I am sure there are many other “strangers” out there like me whose lives you’ve touched, and mostly I just want to say I’m glad I met you. Rest In Peace. ❤️

– Kirsti

Kirsti Jennae Via Facebook

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Her Spirit Shines Bright – Heather McClure

Our prayers and love are with you. Anna’s spirit shines through to us in this photo. Her memory will live in our hearts always. All our love to Laurie and family. -Heather, Mandy, Meghan, and Matthew

Heather McClure Via Mountain View

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