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All I Can Say Is… – Kris Kil

there are so many times throughout my Westridge career when I can confidently say, it wouldn’t have been the same without you, Anna. from the iconic dance to Don’t drop that dun dun dun LOL to the goofy picture that goes viral on Facebook every year and just the most memorable experiences in Chamber Orchestra.

I have never met someone who takes advantage of every single day and every breath to the fullest, working your hardest, and bringing joy to those around you. I’ve always admired how fearless and courageous you were, and how unafraid you were to take chances on things you’ve never done before.

I don’t know what to say or how to say it… I’m not sure if it has really even hit me yet, but all I can say is I miss you… I thought we had more time, so I get mad, but I remind myself that we should celebrate your life and all the beauty you’ve brought to every single person that had the honor of knowing you. just because you’re not here doesn’t mean that you’re really gone, you still live in our memories and our hearts. the love doesn’t die.

see you soon, girlie. i love you.

Kris Kil Via Facebook

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Genuine Heart Full Of Promise – Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman

I spent one of the best weekends of my life with these two girls and I came away from it completely in awe of how alive they both were. It was something I really admired in both of them. I didn’t know Amanda long but it was long enough to know she had the kindest heart and was full of promise. But Anna oh Anna. I’ve been trying to write this for a few days now but every time I try I get caught up in the fact that I’ll never hear your beautiful laugh again. Almost all of my favourite high school memories involved Anna and I was so looking forward to making so many more. Wherever Anna went she made friends, and she was just so genuinely kind and caring and her sense of humour was unparalleled. She genuinely improved the lives of everyone who knew her. I’m heartbroken beyond belief and can’t stomach the thought we’ll never spend another random evening in dena again. To those of us left behind, lets make a point to talk to friends who have drifted and remind them we love them and to live more, REALLY live.

Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman Via Facebook

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Thank You for Including Me In Your Years – Madeline Haff

Anna’s story. I still am in disbelief that she and Mandi are really gone. Anna was joy and wit and life. Thank you for including me in your years here, Anna Wilson. You were a great person, something that’s not always easy in this world.

Madeline Haff Via Facebook

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Family Is Everything – Kristen Lazard

Family is everything ❤️

Kristen Lazard Via Facebook

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Camp Cardiac – Adeena Keshia Saldin

I remember going to Camp Cardiac with you Anna. You were such a bright, lovely girl. Watching all your videos and looking at your pics over the years made me feel as if we spoke everyday 🙂 Hope you’re at peace in heaven girlie!

Adeena Keshia Saldin Via Facebook

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Deceptively Wild, Pure of Heart – Eric Liu

The world lost a beautiful human being on Wednesday night.

Writing this is extremely difficult.

There is so much that I could say about Anna. We spent countless hours together and she has been one of my closest friends in life. Even though there’s so much to say, it’s so hard to capture her.


You’re deceptively wild for someone with so pure of a heart. Well, maybe pure isn’t the right word (you know what i’m talking about), but you’ve always wanted the best for everyone around you. Let’s surf some time, ya? 8:00am? See you soon.



P.S. if you ever call me, i’ll know it’s you without even having to check hahahaha some things haven’t changed

Eric Liu Via Facebook

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