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Burning Man – 2018

A trip to Burning Man was on our daddy/daughter bucket list.

So, armed with the big posters of Anna and Amanda, I set out to experience Burning Man 2018. 

The playa. 

The whiteouts.

The temple. 

The people. 

The stories.

The tears. 

The laughs.

Oh Dios Mio!

Anna showed up in such a big huge magical way (which I’ll post under mystical connections). It was so so healing.  Muchas Gracias mi hija.

Burning Man 2019 anyone?

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First Introduction – Donna Marie

Dear Kevin, Just a note to say I think of you often and wonder how you’re doing.  I know times are probably still difficult. But I also know that when friends share their memories of Anna that you can feel her presence. When I think of the two of you, the day that comes to mind, was the first time you introduced her to me.  I was standing in the Agape line, the two of you walked up she was holding your fingers … when you said “this is Anna”, she looked up at you with big eyes and a big smile and you exchanged a big smile at her.  I could see the love the two of you had for one another. I could also see how proud the two of you were of each another. That’s my picture that comes to mind when I think of you. Take care … xoxo, Donna Marie.

It’s amazing how two people can be “close yet far apart”, at the same time … through Facebook.  When I first read of Anna’s passing, which I think was just a day or two afterward, I was without words.  I absolutely didn’t know what to say — “My deepest sympathy and sincere condolences”, seemed so small. I visited your page almost daily, looking for the words … but they didn’t come.  It’s very important to me that you know that when the tragedy happened, you were in my heart everyday. Lunch would be nice.

By the way when you introduced Anna to me, I think you told me her middle name …

Donna Marie Via Email

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Truly a miracle

Yes, it is still difficult and hard to believe that mi hija, my incredible daughter, has passed.  There have many many moments of grace and I’m thankful for the various mystical/spiritual paths I have taken to prepare me to communicate with her even after she passed.

I’ll be honest and say that I always thought I was here to transform her — after all I am the Dad!!!

However, as probably most others noticed, Anna was the one that transformed me. She allowed me to step into becoming a person that I didn’t even know was possible.  To feel the grief I feel means that I also feel the love that I feel. 

None of these experiences would be possible without the miracle that is Anna.

Anna was (and truly still is) a miracle for me…and I believe for many others.

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5 Minutes With You – Aunt Jill

Hi Anna,

You’ve been in heaven for 4 months as of today.

I know, you no longer have a sense of time…but for those still here, we miss your physical presence.

To have 5 minutes with you….

With your departure, you ignited in me the courage to live without limits; you set that bar for how you lived, thank you.

I love you,

Aunt Jill

Jillian Phelan Via Facebook

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The Big Island

Kathy and I visited the big Island to help our healing from grief.  Still hard to believe Anna is not here.

Today we visited the spot where Anna had that amazing FB profile picture taken.

This was a sweet healing time especially as I was able to help some dear farmers harvest their crops.

Kevin Wilson – Via Facebook

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For Anna Banana – Lizzie

Sweet Sweet Anna, It’s been a week. Soon it will be a month. Time heals but leaves scars. Your purity has reminded all of us of how to live. You embodied the phrase you often wore around your wrist: Pura Vida.

This letter is for me to put words to the paralysis I have been feeling. You were not mine, but Ours. Every life you touched is now shining with your light. I want to honor you more than anything – to let the light shine even in the darkest of places. The memories I have with you are endless, they are timeless, they are Ours. Anna you taught me about the strength that comes with genuineness. You saw people for who they were, and you recognized their strengths and their shine. I admire you, Anna. I respect you, Anna. I look up to you, Anna. A month before your passing, you reached out to me. The exact day, a month before. We reminisced, we laughed, time moved on. I know you’re here. I can feel your Spirit, and I swear I see you in the most random places. Energy is never created nor destroyed, only transferred. You’re still here. You’ll be found in the times you want to be seen. When you want to remind us to live Pura Vida. To remember our adventures. To laugh, and to cry. I will see your light in the darkest of places. I will strive to rise indeed, because of you. I will laugh, I will dance, I will weep, I will live, because I can find you in all of these places, in all of these emotions. I am so proud of your accomplishments, of your hard work, and of your vida. I will strive to emulate your determination in my studies, in my decisions, and in my fun. I’m sure, as time ticks on, I will see this differently, through a different lens based on different co-factors and life stages. But I will keep my eyes open. I will not stray away from the paralysis that will haunt me. I will be brave, because you were brave.

You taught me so many lessons, that I am now uncovering and will continue to unravel. Your light will shine in the times that we are stumbling through the dark. It will remind us to strive to rise indeed. Never did I think I would be the spiritual type, but Anna, within the last two years, I have felt so connected to this side. Death does not divide us, it challenges us to seek out truth in that that often cannot be seen. I know I will see you when you want to be seen, and that I cannot be selfish and demand to see you. I cannot be selfish. You were never selfish.

And so, I will keep my eyes open. I will look for you under every rock, in every corner. I will look where I usually don’t. You will be there always. I just have to look. I will see you in the things you loved, in the things we shared, in the moments I wasn’t looking for you.

I will see you in the times that I reminisce, in the times that we cry, in the times that we remember you. You will grow up with us, you will grow old with us, but your spirit will keep us youthful – it will remind us that we only grow old when we stop learning and doing.

You will challenge us to keep our eyes open, to live Pura Vida, pon las manos en el aire y dejar ir.

Elizabeth Riggall “Lizzie” Via Email

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