My dearest, silliest Anna,

Do you remember that time we went for a bike ride around San Marino in the summer of our sophomore year of high school? After riding for hours, and laughing at your experience doing a summer program at UCLA, we turned the corner of some small street off of Huntington, and we saw a young boy cutting his front lawn with pair of kitchen scissors. We both stopped biking and just watched for a little bit before you asked him, “do you need any help?” and the boy turned around and so honestly responded, “no thanks, my mom is making me cut the grass to learn a lesson.” We both kind of nodded and kept biking, but when we went around the bend of the street, out of sight, we just started busting a gut. I remember when we got home, we were both still in absolute stitches. I have never laughed so hard with you in my entire life. I think about that every time I bike to school. I’m so grateful to be able to have made that memory with you. I miss you so much Anna.

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