Processing – Madeline Haff

I don’t know how to process this. While on a quick break at work, I found out Mandi had passed away in a car crash. I texted two of my other old roommates, and found out one of them, Anna, had also died in the same accident. Two of these brilliant and kind women are no longer here, and I can’t understand that. When I needed a place to live my senior year, these women welcomed me into their apartment with open arms and giant hearts. Through crafting and drinking and watching Disney movies or trashy TV to our wild (and not so wild) adventures around campus, these women became my friends. Even after I graduated, we’d text and have mini reunions. I met many incredible people and have crazy memories I never would have thanks to Mandi and Anna. We took care of each other in our apartment, plain and simple.

Mandi and Anna, thank you for everything. You are way too young to have your lives end so abruptly. Both of you had huge dreams, and were so close to achieving them. You would have graduated in just a few short months and gone on to achieve these goals, and many more. Your friends and family love and miss you so much, and we will never forget you or let the memories of you slip out of our hearts. Thank you both for making my world, and that of many others, a bit brighter while you were here. Rest in peace, Amanda and Anna

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