Anna Loved Seeing The World – The Beaches, The Cities, The Sunsets, The People.

She loved feeling the perfection of Pura Vida every place she visited. She loved making plans of places to visit in the future. Her bucket list was long and full of Pura Vida. Anna wants to see the world and she wants to spread the spirit of Pura Vida. And she wants your help! Take some of her ashes or just her memory and experience the world as only she (and you) know how. Take a picture or a video and remember your experience. Then tell us all about it. Share the story, the video, the picture. Tell us when and where you had this experience. Post it here. And if you want to help her complete her bucket list, hooray! Tell Anna (and us) how you demonstrated Pura Vida. We are grateful for you.

 Post a PuraVida Demonstrations

The Drive to Rocky Point

Today I drive down to Rocky Point Mexico where Anna Wilson and her bff Amanda tragically died one year ago tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon Amanda’s dad and grandma, first responders, local dignitaries and other angels will join to celebrate the anniversary with a memorial at the crash site as well as traffic improvements that Amanda’s family raised via gofundme. It’s been a journey for sure and tears still flow every day but there has been so much grace too. My search for hope was nicely satisfied with a delish bottle of wine as Kathy Wilson proved to be the gift that never stops giving.

Thx all for your prayers and support. And keep ‘em coming! Prayer requests are also now accepted too.

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Catching Up

A year ago yesterday, Drew and Anna met for a delightful reunion to reminisce about their halcyon days playing with fire trucks in Drew’s backyard when they were toddlers (their nannies were best friends) as well as catching up on life’s events over the many years since. It was a memorable day for both based upon what Anna shared with me the next day (stay tuned for that story!!) and what Drew shared with me after she passed just two weeks later. Yesterday Drew and I met and visited Kaldi where they met as well as the spots we visited on Jan 3rd celebration. What an amazing man Drew is, and I’m grateful to count him as a dear friend who has grown so much this past year. Yeah Drew!

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The Epic Jump

 Anna and I had a father/daughter bucket list. Visiting Barcelona was on it. Well we did it this week. Anna told me and wrote several times that the best day of her life was a day she spent at lloret de mar (about an hour north of Barcelona on the coast). Her day included an epic jump off a ledge into the beautiful water of the Mediterranean Sea. Well I found the spot. Later I shared a delightful meal in the home of my new besties Miriam and Lalo. Miriam is the mother of Ado, Annas HS boyfriend. She was an angelic host mother for the 2014 summer visit, and I can now understand that sweet connection. So many pictures. So many stories.

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The Biggest Party in the Country

 Anna and I had Mardi Gras (and Carnival) on our bucket lists. Looks like Anna beat me to it.

I got this postcard from her dear Westridge friend Maddie killing it at “Tulane”. She shares:

“I’ve brought Anna to Mardi Gras with me. I’ve never known anyone that loves life and celebration more than Anna so I figure she would love to be at the biggest party in the country”

Mucho Amor Maddie and Anna.

Happy Mardi Gras!

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Saying Goodbye at Millennium Bridge

Anna, I didn’t know you well, so I hope you won’t mind that I stood at Millennium Bridge asking myself and you (if you could hear me too) many things. I wondered whether you’d ever been to London or if you hadn’t, if it was on your bucket list. 

Even though I had no answers to either of those questions, I hoped then and now that you are satisfied with this location. From what I remember of you, I think you’d have enjoyed the trek I took to get there. I had walked all over London that day—I could feel the rustling wind and harried conversations brushing past me. I also had lost myself in a wonderfully chaotic food market called Borough Market, which is a dream for any food loving Westridge girl. The whole day and the spirit of the city was spontaneous, magical, and electric. 

Prior to this trip, I’d been thinking a lot about you and where might be a good place to wish you well. I’d been stressed about settling on the perfect place that I left the decision to the last moment, effectively stressing me out even more. I like to think that maybe you heard those pleas and as I remember you being, were both a calming and guiding presence in helping me with this decision. The morning of, I woke up, firmly set on the Millennium Bridge. 

It’s difficult for me to precisely articulate the pull of this bridge. There are many options for bridges in London that seemed sensible too. Truthfully, I mostly thought it was beautiful, elegant, really and unpretentious. In a way, the bridge really reminded me of you, or rather, how I’ve always thought of you as. There were other details too: its reference in a Harry Potter movie (I think you were a fan?) and its location near the Globe, recalling both the numerous Shakespeare plays we’d read while at Westridge and also our finest dramatic work together, Traicón. The latter is probably most appropriately considered a comedy (despite our best efforts) and I still recall the fun we had making it with Gabby and Simona as well as enjoying its second life bringing joy to all our friends on Facebook. 

On a more serious note, I also liked the symbolism of the bridge. I’ve no way of knowing where you are now, but I pray that your transition was kind and painless since the opposite has been true for those that loved you most. I also wanted you to land in a place that was as full of life as your spirit. Rather than a stagnant location, releasing you into the Thames seemed fitting. I could imagine you even having another journey from where it was I left you. 

Finally, Anna, I want to thank you and your family for the privilege of getting to say goodbye so intimately. I wish, desperately, that I didn’t have to and that you could have been here and experienced this day for yourself. I hope I was able to honor your memory by living this day, in particular, with pura vida in laughs and a feeling of joyful peace. Most of all, I wish that you are content and finding pura vida wherever you may be. 



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Being In The Temple At Burningman

Annakin, so wonderful to be with you in one of the highest energy spots on earth.  Funny how you kept your tin from being opened during your ceremony on Saturday morning.  Don’t worry, mi hija, there’s plenty of opportunities to see more tropical playas.  Jaja!  Is that blue orb in the picture you?

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