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We Celebrate Anna Wilson and honor her life. She graced us for 21 years and her legacy lasts forever. She was, and is, an angel who embodies Pura Vida and inspires many to find their own “Pura Vida” too.

Pura Vida is Spanish for “pure life”. In Costa Rica, Pura Vida is used as a greeting for most any occasion: Hello, Goodbye, Everything’s Great, All is Cool – almost like “Aloha” in Hawaii.

Pura Vida is more than a saying – it is a way of life!

Simple, clean, pure, happy!

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Celebrate The Life Of Anna Marie Wilson

Flying Butterfly
Anna White Shirt

On January 3rd, 1997 Anna Marie Wilson was born in Huntington Hospital in Pasadena California. She was born just a few hours after the birthday of her mom, Laurie Mead.

21 years later on March 28, 2018, Anna passed away in a car accident while on spring break with a best friend, Amanda Korbas, in Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point Mexico. This was the day after the 60th birthday of her dad, Kevin Wilson.

Anna was expecting to finish her undergraduate studies at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) a year early. She had nearly completed the requirements for her undergraduate bachelor of science degree in Pharmacological Chemistry at UCSD. UCSD awarded her (and Amanda) their degrees posthumously.

In addition to being an excellent student, Anna was a beautiful woman inside and out, and a kind soul who touched countless others wonderfully, many lives deeply, and some of us profoundly.

She attended Eagle Rock Montessori for day care, Ribet Academy for preschool and kindergarten, and then Marengo Elementary school in South Pasadena from 1st through 5th grade. From 6th grade through High School, she attended Westridge Girls School in Pasadena. She earned stellar grades, nailed many AP exams, and was active in extracurricular activities and leadership positions. She applied and was accepted to many fine universities, and ultimately chose UCSD for the academics and student life.

Anna loved being physically active including stints with team sports such as gymnastics, soccer, basketball, swimming, and golf. She was a co-captain of the Westridge Golf team. She also loved to ski, hike, sail, jog, and play tennis and racquetball and WII. She completed two sprint triathlons in Santa Barbara. Her senior project in high school was salsa dancing, and she developed a deep inspiring love of dancing most especially to reggaeton. Perhaps her greatest passion was yoga.

Anna was a musician. She played piano for over ten years performing regularly in recitals and guild competitions. She played the trombone in 5th grade, and switched to viola when she started at Westridge. The orchestra at Westridge was quite spectacular with regular concerts and traveling concerts in San Francisco and Chicago.

She elegantly married music to her singing and to her dancing right until her last moments. And no doubt beyond.

Anna loved to travel, and she picked up Spanish like a native. Her Mexico trips included 2 vacations to Club Med in Ixtapa in Zihuatanejo, a medical internship in Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, and countless trips as the “ringleader” with her friends to Tijuana, Ensenada, and Rosarito Beach. She also had an internship and a bunch of vacations in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Spain. She also visited Paris and New York, and probably a few other amazing places that I can’t remember right now.

Anna’s soul’s purpose was (and is) to be a bridge of light and connection. She loved each and every one of her family members and especially loved all of her friends. From preschool mates to the people she met on her last day on earth, all were deeply touched and moved by her. Yes, she was kind and intelligent. But she was exceptionally present. She once said her life’s purpose was to listen. She wrote about, talked about, and thought about each person deeply and insightfully. It’s amazing that she was so connected to so many people and yet so low key about it all. I call her the Switzerland in our family bridging divides left and right. Some people thought she would become a diplomat.

Everyone loved her dearly. We still do.

She is an old soul with youthful energy.

Mucho Amor, Anna. Mucho Amor, Mi hija

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Items With Her (In Her Car And In The Airbnb In Mexico)

  • Rickie’s CD
  • Harney Sushi punch card
  • Agape AffirmationHarney Sushi punch card
  • Yoga mat
  • Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien
  • Purple macbook with chemical equation and eco turtle stickers
  • Rosarita momentos
  • Beach towel and sunglasses

Planned Things That Make Me Feel Good

  • Walking into Harney Sushi and the vibezzz man the reggae music and the decor I love
  • Blog ideas
  • Clearing chakras
  • Yoga teacher certification
  • Club med or other jobs abroad
  • Happy job
  • Landmark forum, agape retreats
  • Solid friendships
  • Trips w/mom to vegassss, w/dad to Tulum
  • Family time
  • Saving money
  • Every body is beautiful
  • Ornithine carbamoyltransferase mutation that blocks the ability to use arginine
  • Make habits now rather than plan to break them later. Make friends now. Eat healthy now. Exercise now. Be who you want to be right now
  • Surf
  • Yoga

Father-Daughter Bucket List

  • UCSD Graduation - June 2018
  • ICANN62 in Panama and 63 in Barcelona
  • Ayahuasca ceremony in Tulum, Mexico
  • Spread her grandfather’s ashes atop Mt. Wilson as we did two years ago for her grandmother, Charline
  • Burning Man
  • Summit Mt. Whitney
  • Solar Eclipse in La Serena, Chile - July 2nd, 2019
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro summit and Safari in Tanzania
  • Develop yoga retreat center in Costa Rica
  • Start businesses that yield passive cash flow and ability to travel the world
  • Surf awesome beaches and witness countless sunsets

Anna’s Spotify Playlists

What To Think About When Shit Gets Tough

  • Life is good.
  • Look around at all the miracles around you. Sky? Rain? Inventions?
  • How can you do anything but sit in awe of what God has created.
  • Rise in gratitude! Why? Because you deserve it.
  • You are good, light, peace, good, love. That is reality.
  • Bask in the feeling of goodness or knowing you are unique manifestation of God
  • There’s really no separation from you and the next person next to you. So any apparent tension you might be feeling is actually kind of a joke. Laugh at it.
  • You are just dancing with God, talking to God, fighting with God. You are God. You are love. You are light Everyone is God, love, light.
  • Breathe. Connect to the NOW.
  • Emotions are part of the human experience but they do not deny what i’ve already written here.
  • You are not a victim. I know it can be nice to have that story sometimes. It’s nice to blame things on others. But come on, it’s so much better to be a BADASS. And you are a badass, Anna. Don’t even try to deny it. Just look at how fucking interesting you are.

Things I’M Going To Manifest

  • Be more awake and aware
  • Be unattached to the outcome
  • Work hard, love hard, and experience it all to the deepest level I possibly can and then let go
  • Grateful that life is good
  • Amazing friends that cause me to break out in a huge smile - some once a month, some i live with, some once a year, some from HS, some from college, some from random nights out, some from around the world -- all of them I laugh with, proud to be with, respect and respected by, full of love and admiration, reciprocal
  • Awesome romantic relationships. They look at me like I’m an angel. Smart, kind, aware, attractive, great in bed, worldly, successful, and joyful. Full of love when there. Full of gratitude for the lessons when they are not.
  • Prosperous. Amazing bank account, rising every day, too much for myself so I give. My house is welcoming and warm and inviting.

Today’s Gratitude List

  • Being able to go to such a prestigious university
  • Being able to do whatever I want!
  • Financial support from my parents
  • My relationship w/ my dad
  • My relationship w/ my mom
  • My relationship w/ Jim
  • My relationship w/ Kathy
  • My relationship w/ Zen
  • My relationship w/ Nick
  • Rachana
  • Amanda
  • Alex
  • Eric

Investment Ideas

Help Sustain Anna's Legacy

Anna in Tree

Westridge School for Girls, Pasadena California

Anna started at Westridge in 6th grade and graduated high school in 2015. Westridge helped shape her to become a strong woman, where she was in an environment that allowed her mind to blossom and her heart to be touched by a community of sisters. Donate to Westridge in Anna’s name here:

Agape International Spiritual Center founded by Reverend Michael Beckwith

When Anna was 4 years old, we started attending the children’s church at Agape. She performed with the Children’s choir and supported her dad in becoming a licensed spiritual practitioner.

As a young adult, she re-started attending services when in town, studying the spiritual teachings of new thought ancient wisdom, and listening to Rickie’s music. She challenged me to join her in the 31 ways in 31 days to Love, Heal and Prosper. On her own, she joined Agape’s 4 day silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree and welcomed 2018 in with 18 “ohms”. In her words, “it was amazing and life changing. Dad, I think i got this life thing figured out.” Donate to Agape in Anna’s name here:


Anna volunteered throughout her life for many organizations and in many ways. Most recently she was a regular volunteer for Stand Up For Kids which empowers homeless and at-risk youth toward lifelong personal growth. Contribute to StandUpForKids here:

Pura Vida Button, Pura Vida Bracelet, Visit Casa de Pura Vida, Or Pura Vida Tattoo

Anna adopted the Costa Rica local greeting “pura vida” -- meaning pure simple life -- as a philosophy for life. When she was 18, she designed a tattoo for herself:

Here’s what it looks like one way:
and then upside down:

The 2018 class of her high school dedicated a scholarship gift to Anna and all of the graduates wore pura vida buttons:

Pura Hand Pin

We also used Anna’s pura vida design to create bracelets made from Costa Rican wood. They look like this:

Pura Hand Pin

Anna inspired us to buy a beautiful piece of land in Dominicalito, Costa Rica. We are close to completing a beautiful home/retreat center in her honor. The house is named Casa de Pura Vida. 

If you want to stay or be transformed at Casa de Pura Vida, contact me at

Don’t forget to mention that you heard about it from here, so we can experience the VIP level.

Pura Vida Casa
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