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12 June 2019 Dear Anna, My sweet, sweet friend.

I miss you. It’s been 442 days- and still, not a day passes that I don’t think about you. Some days, I honor you by remembering you through prayer or journaling. Other days, I share your story with others. Often, I reach out to Kevin. Sometimes, I bring flowers to your grave and sit and talk to you for an hour. It all still makes me cry like a baby.

  I went on a trip to Kauai in May. Kevin told me that Kauai was a special place for you all. Your grandparents lived on the island until you were 12. And, in those years you would visit them at least once a year. I brought your ashes back to the island, to help you see this very special place once again.

  There was something special about the island. Pura Vida was everywhere. You were everywhere. I saw you in everything and in everyone. There were a lot of blonde hair, blue-eyed kids in Kauai. But I never saw them. I saw you. It was painful. But, at the same time, it was incredibly beautiful. I’ve never experienced something so bittersweet in my life.

  I’ve always wanted a daughter when I’m ready to have kids. But, after this trip, I’ve realized how badly I want one. When the day comes, I’m going to name her Anna. She’ll be named after the most warm, kind, and LOVING soul I have ever met.

  I LOVE you, Anna. You may have been with me every day for 442 days, but you’re not going anywhere. So, brace yourself. Because, you’ll be with me until the day we meet again- in the Kingdom of Heaven.

All My LOVE,

My dearest, silliest Anna,

Do you remember that time we went for a bike ride around San Marino in the summer of our sophomore year of high school? After riding for hours, and laughing at your experience doing a summer program at UCLA, we turned the corner of some small street off of Huntington, and we saw a young boy cutting his front lawn with pair of kitchen scissors. We both stopped biking and just watched for a little bit before you asked him, "do you need any help?" and the boy turned around and so honestly responded, "no thanks, my mom is making me cut the grass to learn a lesson." We both kind of nodded and kept biking, but when we went around the bend of the street, out of sight, we just started busting a gut. I remember when we got home, we were both still in absolute stitches. I have never laughed so hard with you in my entire life. I think about that every time I bike to school. I'm so grateful to be able to have made that memory with you. I miss you so much Anna.

Knitting Mini Sweaters

The other day I was cleaning my room at school and I found the spool of yarn I used to knit my mini sweater. Anna, do you remember when you Mariko, and I took knitting classes at Abuelita’s? We were so excited because we found these patterns for miniature sweaters, but didn’t even know how to knit! So, we signed ourselves up for those ridiculously priced classes and were on our way. After classes ended on Tuesdays(?), we made the short, but amusing walk down to South Pas. I still remember looking at our teacher with huge eyes because I couldn't figure out how she casted on so quickly. To this day, I still can’t cast on the way she did. Afterward, we loved our post-class Buster’s. The three of us would just sit and talk about the frustration of working with tiny needles and thin yarn. I remember dropping those double-pointed needles constantly. I miss our little knitting parties and I wish we had many so many more sweaters. Love you always.

Fred’s Last Conversation

Fred Conrey, Kathy’s father, passed on March 4th 2013. He only knew me and Anna a few years but he had a powerful influence. In his honor, tonight which would have been Fred's 86th birthday, I had trout. Fred loved fish both to catch and to eat. Kathy reminded me that Fred’s last conversation with her was all about Anna!  Incredible. I’m sure they are hanging out together in Angel land.

Making the Leap

I found the place where you made that leap. I love remembering how you described that moment as a highlight of your life until then...and perhaps even now.  Sublime.  Everytime I take a leap I remember you. And oh yeah the nearby sangrias on the beach were delish...  

Truly an Angel

Your mother from that summer of 2017 is truly an angel. She told me I said “lo siento” a lot for my weak Spanish just like you did back before you were fluent. I cried when she described the tear coming down your cheek the summer of 2014.

Lloret de Mar

Anna spent most of August in the summer before her senior year visiting the family of Ado's mother in Barcelona.  It seemed like such a big step for her to travel so far on her own.  I know she talked and wrote a lot about Lloret De Mar about an hour north of Barcelona.  When I visited the spot where she had so much fun and heard the stories about the summer from Ado's mom, Miriam, I knew that Anna was smiling.

Time With Miryam

Mi hija,  Thank you for showing up as my angel especially this week in Barcelona. I was so touched when your host mom, Miryam, shared after you left, she found this perfectly written thank you note hidden under on the coffee table.  That is sooooo Anna!

Improved Road Conditions

I  lost two of my friends, Anna and Amanda, earlier this year due to a car crash in Mexico that could have been avoided with improved road conditions. Amanda's family led a campaign to work with the local government to add lights and signs to the area. Mandi and Anna are only a few of far too many who have died there, but hopefully they will be the last. I miss you two ❤️ Gofund me link: Honoring Amanda and Anna Madeline Haff -Via Facebook

Improving The Road

Updates on improving the road construction for future travelers. Help spread the word. ❤️ Honoring Amanda and Anna Samantha Boccia - Via Facebook

5 Years Later… – Mari

5 years later, these two are still two of my favorite people. This photo was from our Junior Dinner, which honestly does not feel that long ago. I remember going over to Anna's house before the dinner, playing with Yoda, talking about how weird it's going to be to see teachers in a social setting (!!). But one of my favorite memories about this night is what Anna and I got to do in the weeks leading up to it. Our Junior year, Anna and I were Activities Chairs together and so we helped plan the Junior Dinner. We were tasked to create playlists for different parts of the dinner. For the dinner part of the night, we had no problem deciding on some 70 classics-- September, Good Vibrations, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, I Want You Back. But for the post-dinner dancing part of the night, Anna and I decided it was a no-brainer to create a playlist of all middle school, throwback songs. This practically felt like our calling. Where we needed 20-25 songs, Anna and I got so excited we created a list of over 150 straight JAMS. We'd work on the playlist almost daily, listening and dancing together while we listened to songs during lunch or H block in the library. We'd text each other when we’d have to delete bangers like Bedrock, Get Low, Hot in Here, I Kissed a Girl, Club Can't Even Handle Me from our masterpiece playlist (sadly, none of these songs made the final cut). I'll never forget the look on Anna's face when the time for our playlist finally came and Wake Up by Hilary Duff blasted from the speakers, prompting the majority of the class to move to the dance floor area. Anna, Adrienne and I quickly got up to belt out songs like One Time, Beautiful Soul, Disturbia, and Bottoms Up. It's so funny how listening to these songs takes me straight back to this dinner and reminds me how lucky I am to have created something together with Anna that I'll always remember.
Here's a link if you'd like to be transported back to middle school dances Mariko De Napoli Via Facebook

No Pude Creerlo – Jose Ramon

Hola soy José Ramón o como me decía Anna JR, me dijeron que diga unas palabras y esta es la única forma por que no puedo en persona.

Conocí a Anna y a Ado aquí en República Dominicana y nos hicimos muy pero muy amigos, fue tan grande la amistad que Adonis y Anna regresan en una segunda ocasión para celebrar mi cumpleaños, eso fue grandioso.

Cuando me enteré del accidente... no lo creía hasta le escribí esperando aunque sea una respuesta y ahí me di cuenta que era verdad, el mismo día del accidente Anna me dejó unos mensajes de voz. Diciendo que me extraña, que quería verme y que quería hacer una empresa conmigo en fin… Anna era una excelente persona, ella era muy buena con las personas y siempre quería ayudarlas. Ella era muy importante para mi y para mi novia Carla.

Le mando un gran abrazo a sus padres por su dolor pero le doy también las gracias por haber creado una persona tan maravillosa, esto es para ti Anna, siempre te recordaremos .

Hello, My name is Jose Ramon or like Anna used to call me JR. I was asked to say some words and this is the only way I can do it since I cannot say it in person.

I met Anna and Ado in Dominican Republic and we became fast friends, really good friends, our friendship was so big that they decided to come back a second time for my birthday, it was awesome.

When I found out about the accident… I could not believe it, but I kept texting her and calling her and I kept waiting for an answer, that is when i realized it was true, that same day of the accident, Anna left me some voice-messages, saying she missed me, that she wanted to see me and also that she wanted to create some sort of business with me, anyway… she was an excellent person, she was always nice to people and always try to help people. She was so important to me and my girlfriend Carla.

I send a big hug to her parents for their pain but also I wanted to thank them for creating such a wonderful person, this is for you Anna, we will ALWAYS remember you.

Burning Man – 2018

A trip to Burning Man was on our daddy/daughter bucket list.

So, armed with the big posters of Anna and Amanda, I set out to experience Burning Man 2018. 

The playa. 

The whiteouts.

The temple. 

The people. 

The stories.

The tears. 

The laughs.

Oh Dios Mio!

Anna showed up in such a big huge magical way (which I'll post under mystical connections). It was so so healing.  Muchas Gracias mi hija.

Burning Man 2019 anyone?

First Introduction – Donna Marie

Dear Kevin, Just a note to say I think of you often and wonder how you're doing.  I know times are probably still difficult. But I also know that when friends share their memories of Anna that you can feel her presence. When I think of the two of you, the day that comes to mind, was the first time you introduced her to me.  I was standing in the Agape line, the two of you walked up she was holding your fingers ... when you said "this is Anna", she looked up at you with big eyes and a big smile and you exchanged a big smile at her.  I could see the love the two of you had for one another. I could also see how proud the two of you were of each another. That's my picture that comes to mind when I think of you. Take care ... xoxo, Donna Marie.

It's amazing how two people can be "close yet far apart", at the same time ... through Facebook.  When I first read of Anna's passing, which I think was just a day or two afterward, I was without words.  I absolutely didn't know what to say -- "My deepest sympathy and sincere condolences", seemed so small. I visited your page almost daily, looking for the words ... but they didn't come.  It's very important to me that you know that when the tragedy happened, you were in my heart everyday. Lunch would be nice.

By the way when you introduced Anna to me, I think you told me her middle name ...

Donna Marie Via Email

Truly a miracle

Yes, it is still difficult and hard to believe that mi hija, my incredible daughter, has passed.  There have many many moments of grace and I'm thankful for the various mystical/spiritual paths I have taken to prepare me to communicate with her even after she passed.

I'll be honest and say that I always thought I was here to transform her -- after all I am the Dad!!!

However, as probably most others noticed, Anna was the one that transformed me. She allowed me to step into becoming a person that I didn't even know was possible.  To feel the grief I feel means that I also feel the love that I feel. 

None of these experiences would be possible without the miracle that is Anna.

Anna was (and truly still is) a miracle for me...and I believe for many others.

5 Minutes With You – Aunt Jill

Hi Anna,

You’ve been in heaven for 4 months as of today.

I know, you no longer have a sense of time...but for those still here, we miss your physical presence.

To have 5 minutes with you....

With your departure, you ignited in me the courage to live without limits; you set that bar for how you lived, thank you.

I love you,

Aunt Jill

Jillian Phelan Via Facebook

The Big Island

Kathy and I visited the big Island to help our healing from grief.  Still hard to believe Anna is not here. Today we visited the spot where Anna had that amazing FB profile picture taken. This was a sweet healing time especially as I was able to help some dear farmers harvest their crops. Kevin Wilson - Via Facebook

For Anna Banana – Lizzie

Sweet Sweet Anna, It’s been a week. Soon it will be a month. Time heals but leaves scars. Your purity has reminded all of us of how to live. You embodied the phrase you often wore around your wrist: Pura Vida. This letter is for me to put words to the paralysis I have been feeling. You were not mine, but Ours. Every life you touched is now shining with your light. I want to honor you more than anything – to let the light shine even in the darkest of places. The memories I have with you are endless, they are timeless, they are Ours. Anna you taught me about the strength that comes with genuineness. You saw people for who they were, and you recognized their strengths and their shine. I admire you, Anna. I respect you, Anna. I look up to you, Anna. A month before your passing, you reached out to me. The exact day, a month before. We reminisced, we laughed, time moved on. I know you’re here. I can feel your Spirit, and I swear I see you in the most random places. Energy is never created nor destroyed, only transferred. You’re still here. You’ll be found in the times you want to be seen. When you want to remind us to live Pura Vida. To remember our adventures. To laugh, and to cry. I will see your light in the darkest of places. I will strive to rise indeed, because of you. I will laugh, I will dance, I will weep, I will live, because I can find you in all of these places, in all of these emotions. I am so proud of your accomplishments, of your hard work, and of your vida. I will strive to emulate your determination in my studies, in my decisions, and in my fun. I’m sure, as time ticks on, I will see this differently, through a different lens based on different co-factors and life stages. But I will keep my eyes open. I will not stray away from the paralysis that will haunt me. I will be brave, because you were brave. You taught me so many lessons, that I am now uncovering and will continue to unravel. Your light will shine in the times that we are stumbling through the dark. It will remind us to strive to rise indeed. Never did I think I would be the spiritual type, but Anna, within the last two years, I have felt so connected to this side. Death does not divide us, it challenges us to seek out truth in that that often cannot be seen. I know I will see you when you want to be seen, and that I cannot be selfish and demand to see you. I cannot be selfish. You were never selfish. And so, I will keep my eyes open. I will look for you under every rock, in every corner. I will look where I usually don’t. You will be there always. I just have to look. I will see you in the things you loved, in the things we shared, in the moments I wasn’t looking for you. I will see you in the times that I reminisce, in the times that we cry, in the times that we remember you. You will grow up with us, you will grow old with us, but your spirit will keep us youthful – it will remind us that we only grow old when we stop learning and doing. You will challenge us to keep our eyes open, to live Pura Vida, pon las manos en el aire y dejar ir. Elizabeth Riggall "Lizzie" Via Email

Infinite Space – Nick

When you find something funny that you think you shouldn't find funny - just look over your shoulder and you'll see or hear Anna with her patented/inimitable quick laugh and then cover her mouth because she feels guilty immediately. As she grew older she would occasionally just let her mouth hang ajar. Banana. Your Presence is Infinite Space inside Infinite Space. Your formlessness is the True you. It's the Truth inside every Body. Every Being. We are all this Formlessness and only this Formlessness. We are always with you. We just need to listen better and be more silent within. I love you - because you are me and I am you. Posted by Nicholas Goldreich on Facebook

Meditation Retreat

Kathy and I joined a silent meditation retreat in the Lucerne Valley. My stated intention for the retreat was to develop a peace beyond human understanding in regards to mi hija, Anna. The retreat, led by Reverend Michael, delivered so much on that intention.  The healing rock exercise really was transformational. 
  • Imagine your challenge.
  • Imagine someone who has mastered that same challenge.
  • If you can imagine it in another it has at least a germ inside you.
  • Use prayer and focus to make that germination grow and expand.
  • Pray Meditate Contemplate Be.
  • I feel I’m making progress on my journey. Thx for all those sending support.
Kevin Wilson - Via Facebook

Coming Out of Her Shell

Dear Kevin- I have been wanting to reach out to you sooner but unsure of the words I would use, I am so sorry for your loss, I can only imagine what you have been through.   When I heard of Anna's passing I was heartbroken and definitely have shed many tears thinking of her.  I was her professor for 3 courses, she took two of my general chemistry courses (Chem. 6A and Chem. 6C) her freshman year and then my recombinant DNA lab (Chem. 109) during Winter quarter of this year.  The general chemistry courses have class sizes of over 400 students and I'm afraid I don't remember specific things about Anna in those courses, except that I recognized her when she took Chem. 109. She was surprised when I told her I recognized her from freshman year.  She was a quiet student that did her work but kept to herself....which made her the type of student that I try to get to know more. Her lab partner Shih-ting Huang (he goes by Terry) was the opposite and had quite the personality. When I would walk into the lab through the main door, Anna and Terry's bench was one of the first I would see and go up to.  I would often joke with Terry and give Anna a nudge to see if I made her smile - it took a couple times but eventually I could get her to laugh. By the end of the quarter I had her smiling at me when I would come in and we would both be joking with Terry. The lab she was in was a smaller lab (only about 15 students) so they all got to know each other pretty well.  I have reached out to Terry and asked his permission to share his email with you, he has thanked me for asking and would be happy to talk with you.  His email is  The teaching assistant in charge of her lab would also be happy to talk to you and share anything he can, his name is Kyle Shumate and his email is   I hope this information will give you some comfort to know that Anna was liked and respected by those around her.  She has touched our lives. I have her last lab report that she submitted on March 20th - if you would like me to mail it to you I would be happy to do so, I will just need your address. You and your family will always be in my prayers and thoughts. Sincerely, UCSD Professor, Christina Johnson Via Email


Congratulations, Anna and Amanda! Today’s the day, you’re finally graduating! 🎓🙌🏼 You both accomplished so much in your young years. It’s pretty incredible, really. I only wish you could be here to receive your degrees in person, to walk across the stage and celebrate with your class. It’s beautiful that @ucsandiego is releasing balloons when your names are called, but it’s nothing compared to having you here. We miss you, but we are so, so proud of you. Congratulations to heaven’s two newest college graduates 👼🏼👩🏼‍🎓 Anna—BS in Pharmacological Chemistry. Had been accepted into the Peace Corps. Amanda—BS in International Business. Had a position lined up working for Disney, also just earned her pilot's license. Madeline Haff Via Facebook

Huge Impact

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for your email.  I am so saddened to learn of Anna's passing and I want to wish you and Anna's family my sincerest condolences in this difficult time. Unfortunately, I share with you the recent pain of loss. The winter quarter (the quarter Anna was my student) I had to cancel our second class because the father of my children (21 & 18) was fatally shot and his funeral was the day of our second class. The students of Soc127, including Anna, were extremely considerate and patient with me as I struggled through teaching so close to such a significant loss.

I did not have the privilege of getting to know Anna personally, however, I definitely remember and noticed her presence in my classroom. In fact, I was drawn to her face many times during lecture. In a sea of students who sadly spent class time to check their Facebook, instant message and complete online shopping, Anna was so attentive during my lecture that she stood out. I found myself making eye-contact with her throughout lecture and wondering what she thought of the material. She was a quiet student and always sat in the back of the class; I can not remember if she spoke up and shared with the entire class during the 10 weeks. However, I put students into small groups to work and as I walked around the class I could see that she engaged with her peers and had much to say about the topics we discussed. You mentioned that you read a draft of her final paper. I thought you may like to read her final submission; she earned a 92%. It is attached to this email. If I recall any additional thoughts or interactions I will share them with you.

I am pleased to hear that Anna and Amanda will be awarded posthumous degrees. I am not participating in commencement this year, however, I have already sent and will continue to send love and light to Anna and Amanda. I will also keep you in my thoughts and I send you strength as you begin the journey of processing your grief and loss. I wish I had words to make it better, but I know all too well that there is nothing to lessen the pain. I do not know your faith or belief systems so I do not wish to offend, but I want to share that I believe the father of my children is still with us.

He is not here in body as we want him to so desperately be, but he is present in the endless amount of butterflies, hummingbirds, or the mysterious coins that show up in my path every day. It gives me comfort to notice these signs of his presence in my life and I share it with you as perhaps a source of comfort; that Anna- your purpose- is watching over you now.

Peace and be well. <3

UCSD Professor, Heidi Schneider Via Email

Forever Grateful

Dear Professors Toor, Rinehart, Galperin, Muendler, Lamey, Su, Johnson, Komives, and Schneider, My name is Kevin Wilson, and I’m the father of Anna Wilson. You likely know that Anna was your student this academic year, and that she tragically passed away in a freak car accident in Mexico over spring break.  You can read my initial story of her passage here: Each of you share something that is unfortunate, and on March 28th, I joined a club that is without doubt the worst club ever.  It’s a tough journey indeed. And I would be remiss if I didn’t express gratitude for the grace I have found over the last 2 ½ months -- including UCSD’s decision to award posthumous degrees to Anna and a best friend, Amanda Korbas (who also passed in the accident).  I am grateful to Kafele Khalfani, Dean of Students for Warren College for providing me your email addresses. Many know that I’m on a search for answers to why, and I think that search has led me to write this email. I don’t really have a specific question to ask you.  I do know that each of you touched Anna in special ways that likely you are not aware.  I know many of your classes had large enrollments, and Anna prided herself in being somewhat anonymous while trying her best amidst the sea of students. It would not surprise me if you do not remember her distinctly, or perhaps just her face might ring a bell. With no expectations or pressure, I would welcome any comments or observations about Anna or your classes.  I know in past years she struggled with labs but was particularly fond of her most recent lab class (is that Chem109?), and especially loved the way she “jelled” with her lab partner (with whom I haven’t been able to find unfortunately). I enjoyed reading a draft of her Soc127 final paper which we found in her car. I sense she liked econ more after Econ102, and I still wonder about her sanity for taking so much chemistry in those last two quarters especially with such bright competitive science students surrounding her.  In the end, she seemed to end up just fine and I’ll just have to remain mystified at the meaning of the chemical model diagram on her laptop. Please accept my gratitude for your service and your teachings.  I’m proud that Anna chose to be at UCSD, and I’m proud of what she learned and who she became largely because of her professors and fellow students. If you participate in commencement this week, I hope you send a prayer or warm thought out to Anna and Amanda as their names are called. Vaya con dios. Kevin Wilson, Anna’s dad. Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

College Graduation Ceremony (Video)*

Last Friday, we had a sweet celebration of Anna (and Amanda) as UCSD awarded them their undergrad degrees posthumously. Anna and Amanda so proud of you and thanks for helping us celebrate your posthumous undergrad degrees! Celebration Ceremony Video


Thank you UCSD for honoring these two beautiful girls🎓 Anna, you are still hugely missed, but most of all you will continue to be LOVED. Congratulations to these beauties. 💖 Rest In Peace Graduation Announcement for Anna and Amanda Yvette Tanner Via Facebook

College Graduation

Hi Anna, We are so proud of you and Mandy's achievements and what you accomplished in your short 21 years. It's great that UCSD is honoring you both with the posthumous degrees. Kathy and I will be at Warren Mall at the bottom of the snake path at 5pm this Friday June 8. Perhaps others can join us to help celebrate you and Mandy. I think James, Tess and Kafele will share some words. I'm hoping Kathy will play a song on her ukulele. Perhaps others will speak or sing too. Maybe we'll just get curious onlookers taking a break from studying!. Anyway, we'll have big pics of you and Mandy, some balloons and flowers. I promise no tubas! Next we will go to Chula Vista to hear Emanuel play at The Gentle Penguin, 289 3rd Ave, Chula Vista. His band starts at 7:30pm. He is looking forward to meeting with us. Then early on Saturday June 9th in the morning we plan to go the beach at La Jolla where you loved to surf, and take your ashes and flowers to spread amongst the waves you so loved. Emanuel said he'd join us. Hopefully others will too. I'm hoping someone knows your favorite spot and will tell me by texting or emailing or FBing me. LOL. Otherwise, I'll let the seals and whales guide us. Mucho Amor Mi Hija Your dad, Kevin Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

They did it!!!

They did it!!! So happy that UCSD is recognizing both Anna Wilson and Amanda Korbas’ achievements and honoring them with posthumous degrees. They deserve it. ♥️♥️♥️ Katie Rueda Via Facebook

You Did It! – Madeline Haff

Congratulations! You did it! 🎓 I miss you both so much. I’m honestly still in disbelief that you are really gone; it doesn’t feel possible. You have light in you that could never be squashed. I’m so happy UCSD decided to award posthumous degrees to each of you; you clearly deserve it. Your hard work, many hours in Geisel, countless cups of coffee, and spontaneous study breaks have finally paid off. Not only were you both pretty incredible, you were pretty darn smart, too. Everyone could see it. Now it’s time to celebrate like the best of them, wherever you are ❤️🍾

Beautiful Butterflies – Katie Rueda

Taking these pictures a few days ago made everything start to sink in a little more. Only 2 more weeks and we’re graduating. I’m so happy to be a part of Alpha Phi and have all these amazing girls in my life, and while Anna isn’t here with us, I know she was at the time. We saw two beautiful butterflies, one on the 3rd level of Geisel and one down at the bottom of the snake where we had Anna and Mandi’s service. I felt their presence with us and I know they’re both watching over and guiding us. I’m always thinking of you Anna and I wish you were here celebrating (and struggling) through our last few weeks of college. I love you and miss you so much♥️♥️♥️ #hermanasporvida

Graduation Announcement From Warren College, UCSD

Congratulations Anna Marie Wilson and Amanda Nicole Korbas

We are so proud to let their fellow students, family and loved ones know that UCSD has decided to award posthumous degrees to these hard working and inspiring young women.

More formally for Anna:…

The Regents of the

University of California

on the Nomination of the Faculty

of Warren College

have conferred upon

Anna Marie Wilson

the Degree of Bachelor of Science

with a Major in Pharmacological Chemistry

with all the Rights and Privileges thereto pertaining

given at San Diego

this Twenty-Fourth Day of March in the Year

Two Thousand and Eighteen.

More formally for Amanda:

The Regents of the

University of California

on the Nomination of the Faculty

of Warren College

have conferred upon

Amanda Nicole Korbas

the Degree of Bachelor of Science

with a Major in International Business

with all the Rights and Privileges thereto pertaining

given at San Diego

this Twenty-Fourth Day of March in the Year

Two Thousand and Eighteen.

On June 16, during the graduation ceremony for the class of 2018 at RIMAC field, UCSD and Warren College will do something special when the names of Anna and Amanda are called. Please cheer them on.

There will be a small ceremony to honor the hard work, intelligence, and joy that Anna and Amanda brought.

All friends and loved ones are welcome to join us.

  •         When: 5pm, Friday June 8th
  •         Where: At the top of Warren Mall at the foot of the Snake Path.  This is the same place as the candlelight vigil on April 2nd.

After the ceremony, there will be a dinner and dancing at place for those who want to join.

On Saturday morning, some of Anna’s ashes will be spread from her surfboard near her favorite La Jolla beach.  All are welcome too.

Congratulations Radiant Ones!  Job well done!

Get-Togethers More to Come

Hey Anna, I met with your friend westridge friend Rhiannon, yesterday. It was really sweet, and yes I heard the rest of the story of her trip to Rosarita with you and Amanda. You sure knew how to have fun. Kathy and I also had wine with Clarke's mom, Jill. So nice to talk about you. Hope you are smiling! More to come! Love, your dad. Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

My Sister Never Forgotten

My dear sister Anna who passed away March 28, 2018. You will always be loved and never be forgotten.😭😔💟🎶🎻💐 Erin Kathleen Via Facebook

W(h)ine Fridays

Almost every Friday in 8th grade, Anna and I would walk to Kevin's house after to school to celebrate something we called "Wine Friday." Of course being 13 and knowing nothing about alcohol, we settled on drinking cranberry juice and helping ourselves to a classic block of Tillamook cheddar cheese and Triscuits. We would sit in the kitchen and just gossip about whatever 8th grade girls gossip about. "Did you see her new top? She got it at forever 21!" "Do you think he has a crush on me?" And so on. The stress that a middle schooler feels seems immense and overwhelming in the moment, but oh how nostalgic am I to feel the anxiety of picking out an outfit to wear to the middle school dance later that night once again over beginning to write my senior thesis. Wine Fridays were just the thing we needed to relieve the frustration of what to wear or figuring out of that certain boy liked you. We were able to let go of the stress of the history test we had earlier that week or the paper we had due the following week. The best part about Wine Fridays was that even if we just sat in silence because our minds were still reeling over the past week, being in the presence of Anna was enough to calm me down. Her energy, her tone of voice, her laughter were all I really needed for the restful school-free weekend. We always talked about how when we turned 21, we would celebrate with a Wine Friday, but of course with REAL wine. and how when we were 40 or 60 or 80, we'd still find time to get back together for our tradition. I am so incredibly lucky to have found a life long friend like Anna, always there to pick me up when I'm down, brush off my shoulders and laugh it off with me. Have a peaceful weekend, Clarke Grayson Via Email

Another Visit to Rocky Point

Anna's seestah (Kathy's 2nd), Erin, and I drove down to Puerto Penasco to meet with Carlos, the driver, and his family...and Natalie whose family home happened to be about 1 mile from the accident site.  Weird huh? The unexpected healing ceremonies ended up being at a Catholic Church with Erin doing the reading for the mass, and the priest not making it to the service. The candles, flowers, readings, etc. on Sunday morning were healing as well as Carlos explaining more about what happened...step by step...on the night in question.  Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

“The Shit I’m Going to Manifest”

Hey Anna, I know you are close by and I feel you every day, not enough, but tons. For that I'm soooooo grateful. Sushi! and tons of love. I thought I would share with the world this amazing piece you wrote. I sense that many would like to help you fill out the parts after the ":".   [Note: the list was moved to the home page on the list section] Mucho Amor, mi hija Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

I Love You – Aunt Jill

I love you Jillian Phelan Via Facebook

Westridge Spyglass Centerfold Article

Remembering Anna Wilson My angel is the centerfold. Kevin Wilson Via Facebook Profile

Reeling Mind – Marc Belisle

Holy Crap & Oh My God.  I did not know. I cannot imagine the depth of your pain and loss. Your loss of Anna affects me more than even the loss of my wife, Alana, (there was time to prepare) or even my own mother (then a spry 98). The loss of your precious hija is the greatest loss anyone would ever have to deal with.  I do not know how you survive (I certainly couldn't).  I do wish there were something I could do at a distance.  There is a very good book, Goldblum's "How To Survive the Loss of a Love," - good for loss on many levels. I'll get a copy sent out tonight.  Have you gotten yourself into a support group with others whom have lost their children? (I would think that would be best - no one else can truly feel the depth of your loss nor identify with the extraordinary ensuing depression).  Are there anti-depressants which work for you and could help you get through the initial stages/ months/years of this time? With prayers, hope, much love & care, marc. Marc Belisle Via Facebook

Your Legacy

Amanda and Anna, thank you for your time spreading joy while you were here. Now your legacy will save the lives of others to come. What a good way to honor two loving souls like you ❤️ Madeline Haff, UCSD friend

Without Words

Mary and I are very sorry for your loss Jim. There are no words that can be expressed for the pain and grief that you and your family are going through. Perry Ivery Via Mountain View

The Strength of a Father/Daughter Bond

I am extremely sorry to hear this tragic news. Daughter’s are always very close to their father. I can't imagine the pain you and your family have gone through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Rest in Peace Anna Gaurav Vedi Via Mountain View

Anna’s Beauty – Annie Dawson Video*

Every night, when I can, I've been taking a photo, or for tonight a video, of the sunset for Anna. I've been calling them Anna's Beauty. I see her every night through these. I hope you all can join me tonight with this short clip. 😊💜

Seeing You In My Dreams – Eric Liu

missed you @ coachella :/ would've been so fun to go 110% together haha had a dream abt you on when i got back and i was sh00k... y r u as weird in my dreams as you are irl smh Eric Liu Via Facebook

“Because That is Just Who She Was” – David Dalton

My beautiful cousin Anna Wilson was taken from us in a tragic auto accident down in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. She is the young girl (along with her brother Zen) in my profile picture from a family camping trip in 2010. The picture on this post is from about 6 weeks ago. She was a straight "A" student at UCSD, about to graduate in 3 years with a major in chemistry. Anna volunteered at a homeless shelter once a week because that is just who she was - and she never bragged about it. She had just been accepted to the Peace Corps, going to Tanzania for 2 years on a water purification project. So much accomplished, so much more to accomplish! For our family, this is and always will be a huge hole in our hearts. Anna's smile, her kind soul, the way she got along with everyone is missed by all whose lives she touched. It was my privilege to have known her. Such a great person. She is missed every day.... David Dalton Via Facebook

A Prayer for Solace – Art Andrare

Tom and I say a prayer for solace on the passing of your beautiful Anna. We love you. Art Andrare Via Mountain View

Bringing Adventure, Bringing You – Madeline Haff

Oh, Anna and Amanda. It's been 11 days since you both passed away, 9 days since I found out, and 2 days since what would have been Mandi's birthday. I miss you both so much. The only upside from all of this is I've been thinking through all the memories we shared in the short time I knew you, and the sunshine both of you left in my life in different ways. Today I hiked Falls Creek, and you may not know it, but I brought a bit of you with me. Adventure was paramount to each of you, and I hope I could honor a little of that today. The snow is finally starting to melt here; I know the sun shines a little brighter now with you there to help. You will always be love and fun and brightness to me. Anna and Amanda, you both were (and always will be) amazing young women. Thank you for everything. You will always be loved. Madeline Haff Via Facebook

Jesse McCartney Concert – Micaela Martinez

Love and miss you, Anna. Micaela Martinez Via Facebook

ABC 7 News Article

Amanda Korbas and her friend, my precious former student Anna Wilson. So very tragic. ABC 7 News Article Terri Finch Via Facebook

ABC7 New Article

ABC 7 News Article Kevin Wilson Via Facebook

Rest Easy – Geet Samra

Rest easy, Anna. AOE ❤️❤️ Geet Samra Via Facebook

A Vibrant Jewel

Heartbroken. Just learned of the tragic death of another one of my precious former piano students. Anna Wilson, you were such a jewel. I’ll always remember with great fondness you as a darling five year old running up the driveway and giving me a big hug. I always looked forward to your lesson time. You were beautiful, vibrant, fun, sweet, dedicated and so multi talented. How blessed I was to have had such a special bond with you all those years. Praying for comfort, strength and encouragement for your wonderful dad Kevin Wilson and your family. I love you. And them. Terri Finch - Via Facebook

Keeping You In Our Thoughts – Gemma and Mike

Kevin, we are so very sorry for your tragic loss and we’ll be keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers. Gemma and Mike Wilson - Via Mountain View

Heartache – Mark Dauberman

Kevin, I cannot even to express my feelings after reading your messages. It is truly heartbreaking. Mark Dauberman -  Via Mountain View

The Search For Meaning – Fru Michalchik

Dear Kevin, No words can express my sorrow at this horrific tragedy. Whenever we search for meaning, it always comes down to one thing. Only love. She gave you that. We shall never forget you, Anna. Fru Michalchik Via Mountain View

Sweet Child – Alexa Raad

Rest In Peace sweet child Alexa Raad Via Mountain View

Filled With Sorrow – Mila Caulderon

My heart is filled with sorrow upon hearing the news about your daughter’s passing. My most sincere condolences Jim and family. Mila Caulderon - Via Mountain View

A Mother’s Remembrance – Laurie Mead

A Mother’s Remembrance Anna Marie Wilson was born January 3, 1997…five weeks early. She had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. As a child she was shy and observant, preferring to listen and watch before participating. She wanted to do it right the first time. In preschool she had her first boyfriend. Both amazed by this world around them, the two little archeologists could be found every recess digging for pill bugs in the school yard. At age 7, Anna presented her Mom with an envelope and on it was written “Anna’s hair when she was 7”. It was clear that organized, thoughtful Anna wasn’t going to wait for her Mom to get important things done in life. Anna matured during elementary school. She went from a love of Teletubies and Barney to an obsession with Sponge Bob. This little yellow cartoon sponge had the same happy, innocent outlook on life and love for his fellow sea mates as Anna Banana. When you look at Anna’s radiant smile, there’s a little bit of Sponge Bob there. As Anna moved through elementary and high school, her love for music emerged. Having inherited the Mead voice, she play instruments. Music gave her many dear friends. Westridge helped shape her into a strong woman. She knew how fortunate she was to be in an environment where her mind could blossom and her heart could be touched by a community of sisters. Anna volunteered throughout her life. In the last year, she spent time each week at Standup for Kids. Charity and loving kindness gave her peace. As her friends know, blond haired, green eyed Anna was a Latina. She loved the culture, the sense of community and respect for family. She spent time in Costa Rica, Spain, The Dominican Republic, and Mexico traveling, studying and making friends. Part of her heart lived across the border, in fact, for Anna there was no border. In college, Anna drank in the world. She studied intensely, ready to graduate in three years with a degree in Chemistry. She celebrated life with the same intensity. In recent weeks, Anna was accepted to the Peace Corps and excited about spending the next two years getting to know more souls in Tanzania. The world was a small, connected community for Anna. As some of you may know, Anna was a list maker, and her lists didn’t only contain tasks, they included reminders of joy, peace and love. I’ve attempted to create an Anna Banana list for you today:
  • Attend Anna’s service
  • Cry for the sorrow life brings
  • Hold the hand of someone you love
  • Remember Anna with laugher
  • Vaya con Dios.
Jim Healy - Via Facebook

Nuestra Cancion – Emmanuel Urias Palfox

Nuestra canción 😊 Anna Keane The Night Sky  Emmanuel Urias Palfox Via Facebook  

Beautiful Day – Lisa Marie Mead

Anna Marie Wilson Beautiful Day U2 The heart is a bloom Shoots up through the stony ground There’s no room No space to rent in this town You’re out of luck And the reason that you had to care The traffic is stuck And you’re not moving anywhere You thought you’d found a friend To take you out of this place Someone you could lend a hand In return for grace It’s a beautiful day Sky falls, you feel like It’s a beautiful day Don’t let it get away You’re on the road But you’ve got no destination You’re in the mud In the maze of her imagination You’re lovin’ this town Even if that doesn’t ring true You’ve been all over And it’s been all over you It’s a beautiful day Don’t let it get away It’s a beautiful day Touch me Take me to that other place Teach me I know I’m not a hopeless case See the world in green and blue See China right in front of you See the canyons broken by cloud See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out See the Bedouin fires at night See the oil fields at first light And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth After the flood, all the colors came out It was a beautiful day Don’t let it get away Beautiful day Touch me Take me to that other place Reach me I know I’m not a hopeless case What you don’t have you don’t need it now What you don’t know you can feel it somehow What you don’t have you don’t need it now Don’t need it now Was a beautiful day—I LEARNED THAT ANNA WAS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES & A TEACHER OF LOVE, LOVE, LOVE-THE ANSWER Lisa Marie Mead Via Mountain View

A Wonderful Ceremony – Douglas Ho

Wonderful ceremony. I made a donation in Anna’s memory. Love you. Doug and Lyta Douglas Ho Via Mountain View

Finding the Strength – Fru Michalchik

Dear Kevin, No words can express my sorrows at this time. My thoughts and love are with you, I hope you can get some strength and comfort from Anna’s and your friends. We all search for a meaning in life, especially at a tragic situation like this. Maybe the only answer is love. We will never forget Anna. Fru Michalchik Via Mountain View

Siempre te recordarte – Marion Gabriela Gallegos Aguilar

Haberte conocido, saber de tu espíritu joven y lleno de ganas de conocer y comerte el mundo con la cuchara grande fue un placer, estuviste en Puerto un poco más de lo convencional para los estudiantes, me sorprendió lo bien q dominabas el español, siempre tuve la ilusión de un día contactarte y decirte: hey voy a LA nos vemos allá! Saber que eso ya no será posible me parte el alma, haber leído lo trágico q fue tu partida no es más que un nudo, siempre te recordaré, en cada café que compre en el oxxo de vainilla, en cada visita a Puerto recordaré q ahí nos hicimos amigas, te voy a extrañar, espero mi mensaje llegue hasta el cielo en donde estoy segura surfeas y tomas el sol 🙂 i'll miss u , tu amiga mexicana Marion Gabriela Gallegos Aguilar. Marion Gabriela Gallegos Aguilar Via Facebook

#6 – Holly

Miss you, Anna! Or as Charline would have said: #6. Honoring your memory: Stand Up For Kids Holly Muenchow Via Facebook

“I should live a little more, like this awesome girl I met in Mexico does.” – Kirsti Jennae

Dear Anna, It's hard to make a lasting impression on people, especially when you haven't had much time to get to know them. It may sound odd to say I thought of you often; someone I had only known for a short period of time while we were both in Oaxaca Mexico with CFHI. We followed each other on social media and it felt like you were always posting a new adventure, and with every post I thought "I should live a little more, like this awesome girl I met in Mexico does." One night, when we were out to dinner, you said to me that even though we just met, even if we don't communicate again for years, if I ever found myself in Southern California to hit you up and I would always be welcome to stay over with you. You were one of the coolest individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting and I envisioned one day contacting you when I visited California - even if you totally didn't remember who I was. When I found out about your passing I felt a denial that I wouldn't run into you again one day or see anymore of your adventures on instagram. My heart goes out to your family and friends who truly we able to have you in their lives. I am sure there are many other "strangers" out there like me whose lives you've touched, and mostly I just want to say I'm glad I met you. Rest In Peace. ❤️ - Kirsti Kirsti Jennae Via Facebook

Her Spirit Shines Bright – Heather McClure

Our prayers and love are with you. Anna’s spirit shines through to us in this photo. Her memory will live in our hearts always. All our love to Laurie and family. -Heather, Mandy, Meghan, and Matthew Heather McClure Via Mountain View

Sincerest Condolences – Alice and Frank Mead

Our sincerest condolences to Laurie and all our family. We are sending our prayers and love to you. Alice and Frank Via Mountain View

Rest In Peace, Dear Anna – Ganesh and Mamatha Prasad

Our prayers and love to the family. Rest in peace dear Anna Ganesh and Mamatha Prasad Via Mountain View

We Will Never Forget Her – Sammy Reich

My condolences to all of Anna’s friends and family. In the seven years we spent at Westridge together, I never met a single person who did not get along with and immediately like Anna. The class of 2015 will never be the same, and we will never forget her. Sammy Reich Via Mountain View

Keeping You in My Thoughts – Kevin Kearney

So sad to read this. My sincerest condolences to Kevin and the family. Nothing in life can ever prepare a parent for the tragic loss of a child. I am with you in thought and deepest sympathy during this most difficult time. Kevin Kearney Via Mountain View 

Thinking of You – Chaim David Shternberg

My sincerest condolences to Anna’s family. Thinking of you during this difficult time. Rest In Peace Anna. Chaim David Shternberg Via Mountain View

Service Details – Kathy

Mountain View Kathy Dawson Via Facebook

Her Presence Was A Blessing – Robin Gowin

I have two or three very specific memories of positive encounters with Anna in the past 5-7 years, with Kevin. I am deeply saddened by this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and loved ones, and with all the people who were fortunate enough to be blessed by Anna’s presence, and for those who did not get that opportunity. Robin Gowin Via Mountain View  

Our Protector Above – Elisabeth Myers

My heart is breaking for your loss and you will be in my prayers. I find comfort that she is with our Lord and Savior in Heaven now. I am so sorry. Elisabeth Myers Via Mountain View

Peace, Love, and Joy – Lynn Dalton Lathrop

She is a shining star – Mitch and I love this photo! It says so much about who Anna is – Peace, Love, Joy. I pray for these 3 Anna qualities to be a beacon for Anna’s family, that when you see the stars or the ocean or something truly beautiful, you think of the Anna-qualities and they bring you home to love. Lynn Dalton Lathrop Via Mountain View

Love Leaves a Memory – Cristina Whitely-North

My thoughts are with your family, I am so very sorry for your loss. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” Cristina Whitely-North Via Mountain View

Comfort and Strength – Laura Lara

Jim, May God comfort and strengthen you and your family in the difficult days ahead. I will keep you in my prayers. Laura Lara Via Mountain View

Summers in Garfield Park – Pamela Risinger

Our deepest sympathy to Anna’s family and friends. Such sadness, she was so young, vital and precious. We have such fond memories of the July 4ths at Oma’s, time at Garfield Park swimming at our house, Daddy carrying his girl around She was so loved. Pam, Bob and Family….,  P Pamela Risinger Via Mountain View

Peace, Love, And Joy – Lynn Dalton Lathrop

She is a shining star – Mitch and I love this photo! It says so much about who Anna is – Peace, Love, Joy. I pray for these 3 Anna qualities to be a beacon for Anna’s family, that when you see the stars or the ocean or something truly beautiful, you think of the Anna-qualities and they bring you home to love Lynn Dalton Lathron Via Facebook

Odwalla Commercials and Wine Glass Music – Mary Van Schaick Video*

Anna Wilson, I will forever be grateful for your role in shaping me into the person I am today and for the countless memories of spending every day together making horribly embarrassing youtube videos ( Clarke Grayson ) and pulling out all of your wine glasses to make music. You are so so loved and so missed. I am so thankful to have been your friend and to have experienced first hand your unconditional kindness and love. Rest in peace, you kind and beautiful soul. Odwalla Commercial Mary Van Schaick Via Facebook

Service Details – Jim Healy

Our beloved and beautiful Anna Wilson passed away too soon on March 28, 2018, at the tender age of 21 years. Come join us for a celebration of her life. The services will be held this Thursday, April 5th, 2018 at Mountain View Mausoleum, 2300 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, CA 91001. Memorial Service at 4pm and reception immediately following. All are welcome. In lieu of flowers, the family invites donations to be made in Anna’s name to Stand Up For Kids or Agape Jim Healy Via Mountain View

Endless Memories – Kaitlin Wong

Anna, I am so lucky to have had a friend like you. It hurts me that we never got to have the reunion that we've always talked about, but I'll never forget the endless memories that we shared. Your smile, laugh, and positivity truly touched the lives of so many. Rest in peace <3 Kaitlin Wong Via Facebook

A Smile That Could Light Up Any Room – Nicole Anne

Anna, we first met in August 2006. Even at a young age, your smile could light up any room! This trip we were clearly into "thumbs up" and "peace signs." Although I cannot be in California tonight to celebrate your life, along with your friends and family, I am lighting a candle in NJ, reminiscing all the fun times we had together. I'm glad we were cousins in this precious life. Shine down bright on us, Anna Banana 💓💞💖👼🏻🌟 Nicole Anne Via Facebook

Odwalla Commercials and Wine Glass Music – Mary Van Schaick

Anna Wilson, I will forever be grateful for your role in shaping me into the person I am today and for the countless memories of spending every day together making horribly embarrassing youtube videos ( Clarke Grayson ) and pulling out all of your wine glasses to make music. You are so so loved and so missed. I am so thankful to have been your friend and to have experienced first hand your unconditional kindness and love. Rest in peace, you kind and beautiful soul.

First Marengo Friend – Stephanie Tsui

Anna, I’m so sorry we haven’t spoken much recently. You’ve left us way too soon, but thank you for all the great memories you’ve brought me and bringing so much happiness to those around you. I’ll never forget all the great memories we shared throughout elementary school goofing off with Irene. Thank you for being one of my first friends I had at Marengo. You were always so goofy - some of the happiest times were when you would come over after school, and we’d goof around playing games on the tv, making eraser balls (which we were obsessed with!) and eating laughing cow cheese. I know our little Marengo group slowly drifted apart over the years, but it seemed like you were the glue that held everyone together, and although I never really said it out loud, I was always really thankful for that. Rest In Peace, Anna. ❤️ Stephanie Tsui Via Facebook  

Memories For A Lifetime – Yvette Tanner

We haven’t spoken in years, and it saddens me that we’ll never speak again. I will miss Anna with all of my heart💖 My friendship with her started early, back in elementary school, and even now I still think back to all the crazy fun we had running around Marengo. We had a good group of friends and made so many happy memories together. I’m sorry we’ve become distant over the years, as many old friends do—but keeping up with her on social media has shown me that Anna has lived a fun life that was full of joy. My heart goes out to her family and friends who have been touched by her loving spirit. I am grateful for my time with her in this world and hope that we continue to remember her for the happiness and love she shared with us all💖 We love you, Anna! Yvette Tanner Via Facebook

Your Indefinite and Absolute Beauty – Anna’s Dad

Anna, your beauty is breathtaking, your intelligence is awe-inspiring, your smile is infectious, your kindness is unparalleled, and your spirit soars. Please visit as you like. I adore you mi hija. Love Dad Kevin Wilson Via Mountain View

A Loving Light Shines – Al Bower

My wife and I are sending you our healing and loving light! It is impossible for us to know the depth of your loss, but we can hold you in our prayers and thoughts. Blessings and love, Al Bower & Laurie Morgan. Al Bower Via Mountain View

A Devastating Loss – Mike and Gemma

I’m so very sorry for your devastating loss, Kevin. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Mike and Gemma Wilson Via Mountain View

Rest in Peace – William Reed

Rest in peace Anna Marie Wilson William Reed Via Mountain View

A Thoughtful Contribution – Chris and Vicki Takimoto

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are deeply saddened by this news. We have made a contribution in Anna’s memory at Stand Up for Kids Chris and Vicki Takimoto Via Mountain View

Turning Grief Into Peace – Mitch Earle

Blessing Anna on her journey. Blessing Kevin, Kathy, extended family and friends who mourn the loss of a dear daughter and friend. May the comfort of Anna’s achievements and personality and the memories of her be a comfort to all those who grieve, ultimately provide peace beyond human understanding. Mitch Earle Via Mountain View

Thinking Of You – Sam Ciacco

My sincerest condolences to Anna’s family. Thinking of you during this difficult time. Sam Ciacco Via Mountain View

She Shines – Vera

All my love to you. She shines always. Vera Via Mountain View

Details About the Crash – Anton Korbas

More details about the crash that killed my friends, Anna and Amanda. A senseless, horrible accident. May you both know joy and fulfillment in the life after ours.   Post shared via Amanda’s father, Anton   Amanda’s accident details. I will not go into the graphic here, just a quick narrative to help all of us understand what happened cause I know a lot of you would like to know. Two beautiful girls Amanda and Anna went to Puerto Penasco Mexico together for spring break. They were great friends from UCSD. They laughed and danced and had an amazing time. I had given Amanda $500 for the week and told her to enjoy herself. She was so excited. Wednesday March 28 they left their room in the evening to go get dinner and go to some clubs in the Malecon. They danced and met two brothers, Carlos and Beni. They were polite nice respectable boys, Carlos was 18 his brother Beni 17. They chatted and the girls mentioned they were going to go to some more clubs. Carlos is the oldest brother of 5 and is a good guy. He had saved up and bought his first car a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta. He agreed to drive them to another club. So off they went, and they had a nice time. They drove off to the west to a beach area popular with the younger crowd. It was a few miles west of town down a dirt road. No lights on the road, no signs, no markings and it is a busy road. It is also widely acknowledged to be the most dangerous road in Puerto Peñasco. The girls got cold and around 10:30 PM they asked the boys if they could take them back to their hotel. Carlos agreed. They began to drive and as the dirt road turned back into pavement, they got to the area where there have been many many accidents and fatalities. Just in front of the Esmeralda Resort. The police and everyone we talked too agreed this was a horrible section of road and the scene of many tragedies. They all acknowledged that it was very easy there to find yourself back on the pavement but on the wrong side of the median, in the opposite direction lanes. No markings, no street lights. 10:30 at night, dark. Carlos, a relatively new driver made that little, understandable, easy mistake. And then the light of the oncoming cars scared him and he swerved and lost control of his car. A Volkswagen Jetta is no match for a sturdy palm tree. There was no pain. It was instantaneous. Two new angels in heaven and two boys who were just being polite and friendly to two amazing girls were and are devastated, scarred for life just as we all are. Was there drinking involved that evening. Yes. Was Carlos intoxicated? Not even close by toxicology reports. Was he being reckless, no. Did he panic when he realized that his simple mistake on a poorly designed piece of road put them all in danger. Yes. Did he react trying to protect the girls and himself and his brother. Yes. Is he sorry and remorseful...beyond belief...we met him...he is crushed and so so sorry. Please don’t hate him...we don’t... Anton Korbas Via Facebook

The Moment I Met You – Barri Leigh Gonzalez

I don’t even know where to start or how to process this news. The world lost a beautiful person this week. The moment I met you, I knew you were special, kind hearted, intelligent, witty, and would make your mark on the world. Your family welcomed both Isabelle and I into your lives and oh what memories we made over the years. Watching the three of you grow and make memories together was such a fun adventure. I was looking forward to catching up with you as we had planned just a few short weeks ago and hearing about all your wonderful accomplishments. Although your time on Earth was cut short... your kind spirit, heart, and smile will live on forever in all the lives you have touched. ❤️ Anna Barri Leigh Gonzalez Via Facebook

All I Can Say Is… – Kris Kil

there are so many times throughout my Westridge career when I can confidently say, it wouldn't have been the same without you, Anna. from the iconic dance to Don't drop that dun dun dun LOL to the goofy picture that goes viral on Facebook every year and just the most memorable experiences in Chamber Orchestra. I have never met someone who takes advantage of every single day and every breath to the fullest, working your hardest, and bringing joy to those around you. I've always admired how fearless and courageous you were, and how unafraid you were to take chances on things you've never done before. I don't know what to say or how to say it... I'm not sure if it has really even hit me yet, but all I can say is I miss you... I thought we had more time, so I get mad, but I remind myself that we should celebrate your life and all the beauty you've brought to every single person that had the honor of knowing you. just because you're not here doesn't mean that you're really gone, you still live in our memories and our hearts. the love doesn't die. see you soon, girlie. i love you. Kris Kil Via Facebook

Genuine Heart Full Of Promise – Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman

I spent one of the best weekends of my life with these two girls and I came away from it completely in awe of how alive they both were. It was something I really admired in both of them. I didn’t know Amanda long but it was long enough to know she had the kindest heart and was full of promise. But Anna oh Anna. I’ve been trying to write this for a few days now but every time I try I get caught up in the fact that I’ll never hear your beautiful laugh again. Almost all of my favourite high school memories involved Anna and I was so looking forward to making so many more. Wherever Anna went she made friends, and she was just so genuinely kind and caring and her sense of humour was unparalleled. She genuinely improved the lives of everyone who knew her. I’m heartbroken beyond belief and can’t stomach the thought we’ll never spend another random evening in dena again. To those of us left behind, lets make a point to talk to friends who have drifted and remind them we love them and to live more, REALLY live. Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman Via Facebook

Thank You for Including Me In Your Years – Madeline Haff

Anna’s story. I still am in disbelief that she and Mandi are really gone. Anna was joy and wit and life. Thank you for including me in your years here, Anna Wilson. You were a great person, something that’s not always easy in this world. Madeline Haff Via Facebook

Family Is Everything – Kristen Lazard

Family is everything ❤️ Kristen Lazard Via Facebook

Camp Cardiac – Adeena Keshia Saldin

I remember going to Camp Cardiac with you Anna. You were such a bright, lovely girl. Watching all your videos and looking at your pics over the years made me feel as if we spoke everyday 🙂 Hope you’re at peace in heaven girlie! Adeena Keshia Saldin Via Facebook

Deceptively Wild, Pure of Heart – Eric Liu

The world lost a beautiful human being on Wednesday night. Writing this is extremely difficult. There is so much that I could say about Anna. We spent countless hours together and she has been one of my closest friends in life. Even though there's so much to say, it's so hard to capture her. Anna, You're deceptively wild for someone with so pure of a heart. Well, maybe pure isn't the right word (you know what i'm talking about), but you've always wanted the best for everyone around you. Let's surf some time, ya? 8:00am? See you soon. Love, Eric P.S. if you ever call me, i'll know it's you without even having to check hahahaha some things haven't changed Eric Liu Via Facebook

Always a Sister – Allegra Gutierrez

Anna, you were one of my first and best friends at Westridge and I don't think I could have survived middle school without you. I could be myself with you when I found it hard to be that way with anyone else. You were such an infectiously thoughtful person no one could say a bad thing about, this is so unfair. I know you're shining just as bright up there as you were down here. Rest easy llama. Allegra Gutierrez Vis Facebook

Forever Eternal Spirit – Adrienne Jo

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.” Anna, words cannot describe the magnitude of this tragic loss. While you’re no longer here, your free-spirited soul and relentless pursuit for adventure will remain forever eternal. Thank you for getting me through high school...from convincing me to join SwimTeam, go to Surf Camp when we were 15, run a triathlon (even though we both walked to the finish line and came in last place), and so much more, you never took a single day for granted. I love you Anna. If you’d like to know more about Anna, please click the link below. It was sent to me from her dad, Kevin Wilson. Here is his contact Info if you’d like to get in touch with him. Email: Phone number: 323.868.0514 Adrienne Jo Via Facebook

Friends Forever – Jim Healy

Friends forever Jim Healy Via Facebook

Back to Bedlam – Lisa Marie Mead

I love Anna Wilson from the day she was born & to eternity Back To Bedlam - James Blunt Lisa Marie Mead Via Mountain View

Two Beautiful Girls, Candlelight Vigil, UCSD – Mariana Paolo Ramirez

Two beautiful girls taken far too soon. Join us tomorrow night as we celebrate the lives of Anna Wilson and Mandi. Rest easy. AOE Mariana Paolo Ramirez Via Facebook

Sweet Angel – Judy Tan

Sweet angel you are forever in my heart 💝 Anna Judy Tan Via Facebook

Remembering, Candle Light Vigil – Alex Drakoln

No words can explain the devastation of the death of my close friends Amanda and Anna. If you’ve ever encountered them you would know that these two were among the most energetic and heart-warming people out there. Please join us in remembering their kind hearts and beautiful souls. Alex Drakoln Via Facebook

A Beautiful Soul, A Loving Daughter – Kathy

It is with a heavy heart that I share with Kevin the news that our sweet Anna died in a car accident in Mexico last week. These pictures show us celebrating her 21st birthday just a few months ago. She was a beautiful soul. She was Kevin’s only daughter and such a loving step daughter. We loved her very much! Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you Kathy Wilson Via Facebook

Sending Love to the Candlelight Vigil, UCSD – Christy Merril

I sadly won't be able to go to this to support our sweet and adventurous alpha phi sister, but if you are in town please go show support. Sending love and support to all friends and family. <3 "Here for a good time, not a long time." Christy Merril Via Facebook

Thank You For Being My Best Friend – Mariko De Napoli

Anna, I don't even know where to start. All I know is this isn't fair and the best parts of your life were just beginning to unfold. It doesn't feel real that you're not just a text or a lunch at the next school break away. I so badly want to pick up the phone and call you to catch up and to plan our next adventure. Since the 6th grade, I've looked up to you, been grateful for our friendship, and loved you. From getting ripped off for knitting lessons, throwing an unsuccessful bake sale on my street, creating a bomb junior dinner playlist of middle school throwbacks, creating a gingerbread Pueblo, making sus jokes when we ran as Activities Chairs, joining varsity golf while being superrrr unqualified (though of course in typical Anna fashion you became one of the best players), to just being loopy in orchestra everyday with you I can't tell you how much I loved being around you and the way you made me laugh so hard. You were the best lunch buddy there ever was and would without fail always be down for any kind of Asian food. Traveling to San Francisco and Chicago seem light years away now and I would give anything to go back and Fiji water it up with you again. I miss your big smile and your infectious laugh. I miss your sense of adventure and genuine pursuit of happiness. I miss the way you were always there for me (even when I called and woke you up in the middle of the night) and how you always stayed so calm during trying times. God Anna I miss you and I don't know how this happened. We talked about going to Westridge reunions together and being at each other's bachelorette and baby showers and now I'm going to your funeral. This isn't how it was supposed to be. Thank you for being my best friend and for so many memories I'll always remember. I'll miss you so much and do my best to carry the memories of us but I hope you're somewhere tropical running through the clear water, ziplining in some beautiful forest and witnessing the most amazing sunsets. You deserve to be happy and to rest easy. I love you. I miss you. Mariko De Napoli Via Facebook

Candle Light Vigil, UCSD – Britten Anderson

“Here for a good time, not a long time” ❤️💔 Anna Britten Anderson Via Facebook

Candle Light Vigil, UCSD – Savannah Kandalaft

Please join us tomorrow night as we show our love for Anna and Amanda❤️ Savannah Kandalaft Via Facebook

A Smile and Laugh to Never Forget – Elizabeth Hopkins

Anna, I’m so glad I got to know you when I did. Every life you touched was brighter from the moment you entered it, and your effect on mine was no different. I am absolutely heartbroken that I won’t ever get to smile and laugh with you again, but I hope you’re in a better place. Rest in paradise, Anna, and we’ll see you again someday. ❤️ Elizabeth Hopkin Via Facebook

From the Moment I Met You, I knew You Were Special

Dear my beautiful Anna, Words can't even begin to describe the pain I have felt since hearing the news of your passing. After crying for hours, I sat in bed and thought about the countless laughs, tears, and memories we have shared over the years. I stared at the ceiling and talked to you as if you were there, because even though you're not physically here, I know you will forever be with me. You mean the absolute world to me and there is not a day that will go by without me thinking of you. My kids will know the incredible life you lived and you will always be referred to as "fun auntie anna" as we agreed. There is no chance I would have made it through high school or college without your unconditional love and support and for that I am forever grateful. From the moment I met you I knew you were special. You always had a positive outlook on life and for that I will always be inspired by you. It pains me to think in just 3 short weeks we would have been together causing havoc per usual. But again, I know that no matter what you will always be with me. I love you more than words can ever describe my sweet girl. Rest In Peace my beautiful angel. You will forever be apart of my heart. Until we meet again 💕 Sydney Norris Via Facebook

Renewed in Another Life – Kristen Lazard

On a day celebrating renewal and life, unfortunately the ending of a life is on my mind. However the best way for me to think of it is that your life, Anna, has been renewed in another, inexplicable way. My fondest memory of you is dancing with you and Zen on my wedding day. The look on your face was pure joy...I will never forget it. May you continue to dance with the angels, you beautiful soul. Forever my cousin and forever a shining light in all our lives. Kristen Lazard Via Facebook

El Paseo en que Dios Elige – Emmanuel Urias Palafox

Mi queridísima aannuhh!! No me esperaste a que regresara😢. Una chica con un perfecto español a la que le gustaba la playa, la fiesta, y los viajes, con un gran corazón que no se expresaba mal de nadie, como si no conociera el odio ni la tristeza, una sola sonrisa que hacía amigos a montones en Ensenada., tantos momentos de felicidad, y tristeza, aún recuerdo las fiestas que terminamos discutiendo, pero al día siguiente no nos acordamos de nada y seguíamos con nuestra gran amistad 😂,también cuando me llevaste a conocer Los Angeles, San Diego, la verdadera ramen soup, 🙊 las fiestas en pb, y a tu hermosa familia que por cierto fueron muy generosos conmigo. Despierto con esta triste noticia como si no fuera realidad, tratando despertar del sueño de que te me fuiste, pero Dios tiene un propósito para cada uno en esta vida. Me motivaste para seguir con mis metas en la vida y a ser feliz pese a las adversidades. Yo aqui al otro lado del mundo sin poder verte por ultima vez, pero me quedo con esa sonrisa y los hermosos recuerdos en mi mente😊. Te extrañaré mucho Anna una gran vida llena de felicidad que en poco tiempo de conocernos pasamos muchas situaciones, eso y muchas cosas extrañaremos. Descansa en paz Anna Emmanuel Urias Palafox Via Facebook

Thank You – Ynez

You are such an amazing and courageous soul Anna and I'm so grateful to have grown up with you and see you accomplish so much. You are and will always be close to my heart. Thank you, I love you. Ynez Sage Via Facebook

The Quintessential Anna – Jim Healy

Anna with her 2 bro's and the quintessential Anna. Words cannot describe the feeling of emptiness without her. Jim Healy Via Facebook

Finding the Missing Piece – Aunt Jill

Anna, I was in awe of you. I loved the day you were born and every moment since. Your brilliant mind was unmatched. Your sense of adventure limitless. Your beauty from the inside out. Pure genius and beauty wrapped in an enormous heart. I admired your friendship with your Mommy. You set the bar for a relationship that I only hoped Ella and I would experience as my baby matured. What YOU did for Laurie was life changing. You see, when we lost our Mommy, we lost a part of ourselves. There was not clear line of where our Mom ended and where we began. Your Mommy had a piece of her spirit missing...until YOU. This is not to say the Nick and Zen are not important. What I am referring to is different. When Laurie received the present of your spirit a deep loss within her was quieted. Perhaps girls need girls. You were someone beyond the physical, you were a soul to soul connection, an unspoken truth, and unconditional love to Laurie. And while you have departed so abruptly from this physical reality, the enormity of your being is free. No longer squeezed into the vehicle of your body, the work you’ll accomplish will continue to impact all of us. No one who knew you will ever be the same because you were here, thank you. Love, Aunt Jill Jillian Phelan Via Facebook

Eternal Somethingness of Your Legacy – Nick

21 years in this specific reality together but an eternity of bliss you have bestowed upon me - iteration after iteration, karmic cycle after karmic cycle, nothingness to somethingness and back to nothingness, only to have me wondering what the next version of your somethingness will be...your rapturous, inimitable, beatific essence towards life, inspired us all. I will keep this short because I will be speaking about you at greater length, very soon, as I plan to enlighten everyone who didn't already know about your HUMANITY. Your sheer benevolence is unmatched. I've never met another human with such integrity and love for the entire species. You undoubtedly live on in some capacity because energy cannot be destroyed. You are in all of our consciousnesses as you are most likely experiencing all this from some other dimension or alternate plane. I'm posting this on your wall, Anna Banana, because I want your friends to see what I think is one eloquent, yet completely insufficient, way of measuring/describing our relationship. Attached is a video we used to watch all the time. It's about the Knowingness of Nothing...The experience of understanding that we are all spawn from NO THING - which can be interpreted as NOT ONE THING but we are all spawn from ONE THING, we are all the same thing happening at once, only in the here & now, but in many different versions. Right now, about 7 billion different versions! Through this Knowingness of Nothing, comes a great deal of joy AND the greatest manifestation of joy, laughter. This laughter comes from knowing that everything is going to be alright because you are always in the here & now and this EGO we have doesn't really exist at all! It's just the concept that thinks it's in charge while the really essence is just BEING. You were a lightness I've never felt before. You are luminous Banana. You are my sister and will forever be my sister. I love you and will always love you, because I am you and you are me. Love, your BROTHER. Nicholas Goldreich Via Facebook

Beautiful and Spirited Souls – Micaela Martinez

You were both beautiful, spirited, and incredibly fun souls that I was privileged enough to know. Thank you for being great roommates, despite the struggles of school and sorority life and living together, you both met me with so much kindness. From sharing clothes to complaining about boys to being the only ones who wanted to do a Meet and Greet with Jesse McCartney. Rest In Peace, Anna and Amanda, gone too soon. Micaela Martinez Via Facebook

Processing – Madeline Haff

I don’t know how to process this. While on a quick break at work, I found out Mandi had passed away in a car crash. I texted two of my other old roommates, and found out one of them, Anna, had also died in the same accident. Two of these brilliant and kind women are no longer here, and I can’t understand that. When I needed a place to live my senior year, these women welcomed me into their apartment with open arms and giant hearts. Through crafting and drinking and watching Disney movies or trashy TV to our wild (and not so wild) adventures around campus, these women became my friends. Even after I graduated, we’d text and have mini reunions. I met many incredible people and have crazy memories I never would have thanks to Mandi and Anna. We took care of each other in our apartment, plain and simple. Mandi and Anna, thank you for everything. You are way too young to have your lives end so abruptly. Both of you had huge dreams, and were so close to achieving them. You would have graduated in just a few short months and gone on to achieve these goals, and many more. Your friends and family love and miss you so much, and we will never forget you or let the memories of you slip out of our hearts. Thank you both for making my world, and that of many others, a bit brighter while you were here. Rest in peace, Amanda and Anna Madeline Haff Via Facebook

“Here for a Good Time” – Samantha Boccia

We are not always here for a long time, and the impact that we have on others is our greatest legacy. Anna, my little, you will be missed immensely. I will never forget how nervous I was to meet you, only to find out you were one of the kindest, down to earth, and funnest girls in our sorority. We will have our drink together someday, for now rest in paradise. We all love you and will be thinking of you often.  Samantha Boccia Via Facebook  

Rest in Paradise – Cary Grant

Our squad will never be the same without you. You were stolen from us way too soon. Rest in paradise, my dear Anna. Gone, but never forgotten. Cary Grant Via Facebook

Bella en el Cielo – Fernanda Torres Orozco

Güerita preciosa te extrañaré demasiado, cuando nos mirábamos parecía que no pasaba tiempo sin vernos, un placer coincidir contigo besos al cielo bella 💕 Fernanda Torres Orozco Via Facebook

Un Bello Angel – Hector M. Pinon Arellano

Mi werita hermosa, Aún no puedo creer lo qué pasó, es muy triste saber que ya no te veré más, Esa emoción que sentía al verte y ese abrazo que jamás faltó, Ahora eres un bello ángel y nos quedo pendiente esa salida el domingo ❤️ Siempre te recordaré y siempre estarás en mi corazón, love you. Hector M. Pinon Arellano Via Facebook

A Beautiful Soul – Sushmitha Kudari

Can't believe you are gone. Bless your beautiful soul. Sushmitha Kudari Via Facebook

Breaking the News – Jim Healy

With a very heavy heart, we are sadden to communicate that Anna and a friend were killed in an automobile accident late Wednesday night in Mexico. Once we have funeral arrangements, we will post on her page. Jim Healy Via Facebook

Mi Complice – Roxanne Collins

Güera hermosa 😍💕 Como que te me fuiste? Si teníamos planes para este domingo. Eras mi cómplice 😢 ya teníamos todo calculado.. te quiero y te voy a querer siempre, aun no creo que ya no vayas a estar aquí conmigo.. te quiero wuera hermosa por siempre D.E.P 💕 Roxanne Collins Via Facebook

A Wonderful Friend – Stephanie Murillo

Anna Wilson, thank you for being a wonderful friend. Thank you for being there for me, always making me laugh, and adding adventure to my life. Forever in my heart and memories, rest easy, you beautiful soul. ❤️ Stephanie Murillo Via Facebook