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A Smile and Laugh to Never Forget – Elizabeth Hopkins

Anna, I’m so glad I got to know you when I did. Every life you touched was brighter from the moment you entered it, and your effect on mine was no different. I am absolutely heartbroken that I won’t ever get to smile and laugh with you again, but I hope you’re in a better place. Rest in paradise, Anna, and we’ll see you again someday. ❤️

Elizabeth Hopkin Via Facebook

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From the Moment I Met You, I knew You Were Special

Dear my beautiful Anna,

Words can’t even begin to describe the pain I have felt since hearing the news of your passing. After crying for hours, I sat in bed and thought about the countless laughs, tears, and memories we have shared over the years. I stared at the ceiling and talked to you as if you were there, because even though you’re not physically here, I know you will forever be with me. You mean the absolute world to me and there is not a day that will go by without me thinking of you. My kids will know the incredible life you lived and you will always be referred to as “fun auntie anna” as we agreed. There is no chance I would have made it through high school or college without your unconditional love and support and for that I am forever grateful. From the moment I met you I knew you were special. You always had a positive outlook on life and for that I will always be inspired by you. It pains me to think in just 3 short weeks we would have been together causing havoc per usual. But again, I know that no matter what you will always be with me. I love you more than words can ever describe my sweet girl. Rest In Peace my beautiful angel. You will forever be apart of my heart. Until we meet again

Sydney Norris Via Facebook

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Renewed in Another Life – Kristen Lazard

On a day celebrating renewal and life, unfortunately the ending of a life is on my mind. However the best way for me to think of it is that your life, Anna, has been renewed in another, inexplicable way. My fondest memory of you is dancing with you and Zen on my wedding day. The look on your face was pure joy…I will never forget it. May you continue to dance with the angels, you beautiful soul. Forever my cousin and forever a shining light in all our lives.

Kristen Lazard Via Facebook

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El Paseo en que Dios Elige – Emmanuel Urias Palafox

Mi queridísima aannuhh!! No me esperaste a que regresara . Una chica con un perfecto español a la que le gustaba la playa, la fiesta, y los viajes, con un gran corazón que no se expresaba mal de nadie, como si no conociera el odio ni la tristeza, una sola sonrisa que hacía amigos a montones en Ensenada., tantos momentos de felicidad, y tristeza, aún recuerdo las fiestas que terminamos discutiendo, pero al día siguiente no nos acordamos de nada y seguíamos con nuestra gran amistad ,también cuando me llevaste a conocer Los Angeles, San Diego, la verdadera ramen soup, las fiestas en pb, y a tu hermosa familia que por cierto fueron muy generosos conmigo. Despierto con esta triste noticia como si no fuera realidad, tratando despertar del sueño de que te me fuiste, pero Dios tiene un propósito para cada uno en esta vida. Me motivaste para seguir con mis metas en la vida y a ser feliz pese a las adversidades. Yo aqui al otro lado del mundo sin poder verte por ultima vez, pero me quedo con esa sonrisa y los hermosos recuerdos en mi mente . Te extrañaré mucho Anna una gran vida llena de felicidad que en poco tiempo de conocernos pasamos muchas situaciones, eso y muchas cosas extrañaremos. Descansa en paz Anna

Emmanuel Urias Palafox Via Facebook

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Thank You – Ynez

You are such an amazing and courageous soul Anna and I’m so grateful to have grown up with you and see you accomplish so much. You are and will always be close to my heart. Thank you, I love you.

Ynez Sage Via Facebook

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The Quintessential Anna – Jim Healy

Anna with her 2 bro’s and the quintessential Anna. Words cannot describe the feeling of emptiness without her.

Jim Healy Via Facebook

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