Blow a Kiss

 One year ago to the hour, mi hija Anna and her bestie, Amanda, tragically experienced their fatal car accident. It was the day after my 60th bday so my bday will always be linked to that life changing event. I trekked to the crash site yesterday just in time to have new friends treat me to an amazing steak dinner and serenades en español.

Today local dignitaries, first responders, and various angels celebrated the dedication of a memorial to the girls. Beverly, Jesus, David,… and many others made the event possible and wonderful which also included dedication of new traffic signs. Jesus spoke on behalf of the mayor, and I spoke on behalf of the families. Anna told me that I didn’t talk too long and no one snored. Sammy the perfect translator too. Amanda’s dad and grandma also joined in. Special thanks to Charlie and Bob (and Michelle) — dear friends via Natalie who happen to live nearby and hosted me in their perfect mansion.

It was also a reunion for me. On the night we picked up Anna’s body a year ago we met a wonderful musician, Rick Scott at the SWIM restaurant. That led us to meet Chad Cloward who has become a close friend as we have shared our respective fires. Chad evoked more tears when he shared that he blows a kiss every time he drives by the site, and shared with me that “he has never loved someone so much that he has never met.”

And meanwhile back at the ranch at St Bedes, Kathy teared up in front of her 2nd grade students on this auspicious day. And then teared up again upon finding a letter on her desk that said:

“Dear Mrs. Wilson, I know you feel really sad today because someone died, but I cried when my dog died. I was wondering if you need any help today. Sincerely, Your Student”

Is there any doubt that Anna is looking down loving all of us?

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