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Holy Crap & Oh My God.  I did not know. I cannot imagine the depth of your pain and loss. Your loss of Anna affects me more than even the loss of my wife, Alana, (there was time to prepare) or even my own mother (then a spry 98). The loss of your precious hija is the greatest loss anyone would ever have to deal with.  I do not know how you survive (I certainly couldn’t).  I do wish there were something I could do at a distance.  There is a very good book, Goldblum’s “How To Survive the Loss of a Love,” – good for loss on many levels.

I’ll get a copy sent out tonight.  Have you gotten yourself into a support group with others whom have lost their children? (I would think that would be best – no one else can truly feel the depth of your loss nor identify with the extraordinary ensuing depression).  Are there anti-depressants which work for you and could help you get through the initial stages/ months/years of this time? With prayers, hope, much love & care, marc.

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  1. Kathy Wilson on November 4, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    Thank you!

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