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5 years later, these two are still two of my favorite people. This photo was from our Junior Dinner, which honestly does not feel that long ago. I remember going over to Anna’s house before the dinner, playing with Yoda, talking about how weird it’s going to be to see teachers in a social setting (!!). But one of my favorite memories about this night is what Anna and I got to do in the weeks leading up to it. Our Junior year, Anna and I were Activities Chairs together and so we helped plan the Junior Dinner. We were tasked to create playlists for different parts of the dinner. For the dinner part of the night, we had no problem deciding on some 70 classics– September, Good Vibrations, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, I Want You Back. But for the post-dinner dancing part of the night, Anna and I decided it was a no-brainer to create a playlist of all middle school, throwback songs. This practically felt like our calling. Where we needed 20-25 songs, Anna and I got so excited we created a list of over 150 straight JAMS. We’d work on the playlist almost daily, listening and dancing together while we listened to songs during lunch or H block in the library. We’d text each other when we’d have to delete bangers like Bedrock, Get Low, Hot in Here, I Kissed a Girl, Club Can’t Even Handle Me from our masterpiece playlist (sadly, none of these songs made the final cut). I’ll never forget the look on Anna’s face when the time for our playlist finally came and Wake Up by Hilary Duff blasted from the speakers, prompting the majority of the class to move to the dance floor area. Anna, Adrienne and I quickly got up to belt out songs like One Time, Beautiful Soul, Disturbia, and Bottoms Up. It’s so funny how listening to these songs takes me straight back to this dinner and reminds me how lucky I am to have created something together with Anna that I’ll always remember.

Here’s a link if you’d like to be transported back to middle school dances

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