“Today Was A Really Good One”

Annnuhhhhh, mi hija, anakin, how sweet of you to show up for your 6 month anniversary. As you know, but I’ll let the humans who read this know, you passed to your non physical life 6 months ago yesterday. As I often do, I asked for a sign that you are still with me (it’s still so hard to believe that I don’t get to use my normal senses to see or hear you any more). I had flown into San Jose, and was heading up to visit Jim for a hike up to the Stanford Dish and an overdue catch up, You know me, after I got off the plane I needed my starbucks chai tea latte 140 degrees no water, so I looked on google maps and found one close by. And guess what? I missed a turn, and the map took me to a street corner that showed me you are here. And that you are close by. And that you are love, light, and magnificent. Ahhh good one Anna. Today was a really good one. Keep ’em coming.

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