Finding the Missing Piece – Aunt Jill

Anna, I was in awe of you. I loved the day you were born and every moment since. Your brilliant mind was unmatched. Your sense of adventure limitless. Your beauty from the inside out. Pure genius and beauty wrapped in an enormous heart.

I admired your friendship with your Mommy. You set the bar for a relationship that I only hoped Ella and I would experience as my baby matured. What YOU did for Laurie was life changing. You see, when we lost our Mommy, we lost a part of ourselves. There was not clear line of where our Mom ended and where we began. Your Mommy had a piece of her spirit missing…until YOU. This is not to say the Nick and Zen are not important. What I am referring to is different. When Laurie received the present of your spirit a deep loss within her was quieted. Perhaps girls need girls. You were someone beyond the physical, you were a soul to soul connection, an unspoken truth, and unconditional love to Laurie.

And while you have departed so abruptly from this physical reality, the enormity of your being is free. No longer squeezed into the vehicle of your body, the work you’ll accomplish will continue to impact all of us. No one who knew you will ever be the same because you were here, thank you.

Love, Aunt Jill

Jillian Phelan Via Facebook

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