First Marengo Friend – Stephanie Tsui

Anna, I’m so sorry we haven’t spoken much recently. You’ve left us way too soon, but thank you for all the great memories you’ve brought me and bringing so much happiness to those around you.

I’ll never forget all the great memories we shared throughout elementary school goofing off with Irene. Thank you for being one of my first friends I had at Marengo. You were always so goofy – some of the happiest times were when you would come over after school, and we’d goof around playing games on the tv, making eraser balls (which we were obsessed with!) and eating laughing cow cheese. I know our little Marengo group slowly drifted apart over the years, but it seemed like you were the glue that held everyone together, and although I never really said it out loud, I was always really thankful for that.

Rest In Peace, Anna. ❤️

Stephanie Tsui Via Facebook


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