Memories For A Lifetime – Yvette Tanner

We haven’t spoken in years, and it saddens me that we’ll never speak again. I will miss Anna with all of my heart💖

My friendship with her started early, back in elementary school, and even now I still think back to all the crazy fun we had running around Marengo. We had a good group of friends and made so many happy memories together. I’m sorry we’ve become distant over the years, as many old friends do—but keeping up with her on social media has shown me that Anna has lived a fun life that was full of joy.

My heart goes out to her family and friends who have been touched by her loving spirit. I am grateful for my time with her in this world and hope that we continue to remember her for the happiness and love she shared with us all💖

We love you, Anna!

Yvette Tanner Via Facebook

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