I remember about a day or two after Anna had passed, I had a long weekend while in Chile, so I went to visit my host mom’s daughter. I happened to be facetiming my boyfriend while in my room and I mentioned that there was a ladybug on a lamp. He told me that ladybugs are often reincarnated people. From then on, I saw ladybugs everywhere. I remember walking up a staircase during a school observation and saw a ladybug sitting on the railing; a ladybug landed on my shirt while I was enjoying a wine tour; a ladybug landed on my friend’s shoulder and seemed to linger a little longer than it normally would just to keep eye contact with me. Ladybugs became such a normal sighting that I made a point to say “Hi Anna” and hold a short conversation with her every chance I got. I knew Anna was (and still is!) looking over me every single day.

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  1. irene on March 22, 2019 at 4:29 am

    So it’s midnight right now, a friend and I are sitting in the middle of the dining hall catching up on some work. This really stubborn ladybug just landed on my jacket. How and why it found its way into here is a real mystery; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ladybug around this campus in my entire three and a half years here, let alone one indoors.

    Despite my initial protest against its landing there, this red-orange ladybug persisted in remaining attached to the front of my jacket; and when it flew away, it seemed to circle around in the air above a few times before leaving my sight. Truly incredible.

    I immediately remembered this post. I’d like to think that this ladybug was a sign from Anna, perhaps her input on a question (ironically, a question regarding her) that had been on my mind just a half-hour before.

    Thank you, Anna, for your presence.

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